Learn Computer Drawing iPad With Ease

Computer Drawing iPad You Can Expect Professional Results

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With a Computer Drawing iPad, Expect Great Results

Today, everything becomes digital – from the way you take down notes, make your schedule, manage your bank account, and even create your illustrations.

Yes, if you are still using paper and pen – or the computer mouse – to draw or paint, then it’s time that you shift to a computer drawing ipad.

What is a computer drawing ipad?

It is a hardware input device being used by professional digital artists and beginners, hobbyists, and even by those who have no skills in drawing, If you have a passion to draw --you will want to try through the use of this graphics tablet.

This illustration-based tool features a touch-sensitive surface, where you can create your sketches (instead of using paper), that will transfer your design to the computer monitor. Thus, you will see everything you draw on the screen.

The stylus replaces the mouse and functions as a pen. You do not have to purchase this separately as it is included in the package. It also comes with extra tips to help you produce different textures. 

Some digital drawing tablets allow users to see their drawings directly on the screen so they no longer need the computer.

How It Is Used

Open your computer and connect the graphics tablet through the USB or HDMI interface. Use the disc included in the package to install it. After installation, customize some settings by going to the Control Panel and opening the Pen Tablet icon. After this, open the application that you want to use – Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and others.

Start creating your illustrations.

You will not find it easy to use the first time, but as you get used to it, you will find yourself working naturally – as if you are using your pencil to draw on a paper.

The active pad is pressure-sensitive as well; with each pressure that you give to your pen the screen will display a mark.

As you place more pressure it, the darker or thicker the mark will become. The pressure will also help you set and blend colors to your image.

You may also opt to use it when dragging or clicking on something – instead of switching from the digitized pad to mouse. This can be another challenge on your part, but some expert users advise that you play with Spider Solitaire to help you become comfortable doing these tasks. You can also try writing and creating some basic shapes first before starting with your illustrations.

Why Use a Drawing Tablet?

You may have been used to doing your sketches using a computer mouse and you may think of this as an added expense, but you should consider upgrading to this technology to make things easier for you – and healthier for your wrist.

Using computer and mouse, you still need to draw on paper then scan it so you can have your image in a digital format and edit it using Photoshop or other image-editing software. The graphics pad offers simpler process: draw right on its surface and view it instantly on the computer screen.

When drawing with a mouse, your wrist is flat and the movements of your hand are rudimentary – this can be tiresome and will cause cramp after extended use.

With the use of computer drawing tablet, you can move your hand and your wrist without restraint because your drawing position is natural.

You can sketch more comfortable and you can do strokes, lines, figures, and curves with ease because you are using a tool similar to a pen. With the pen’s huge levels of pressure sensitivity, you are able to control your image and make it more alive. You can put more details into it, as well as add effects, mix colors, and use retouching methods.     

Beginners will realize that they are able to create professionally-looking drawings and paintings using this drawing pad.

Adding Cost or Saving Money?

Shifting to digital drawing tablet from paper and pen or computer and mouse will require you to incur additional cost – but think about the savings: You no longer have to spend on tons of paper and pens, pencils, and inks to perform your job.

Adobe Photoshop vs Drawing Apps

Most people – especially the professional drawing artists and cartoonists – who buy computer drawing pad prefer to use Photoshop instead of drawing apps (GIMP, Sketchbook Pro, Inkscape, and others) available for this type of device because of the following reasons:

  • More often than not, apps for sketching, drawing, and coloring only offer basic functionality, while Photoshop comes with a wide range of effects, brushes, and plug-ins that allow them to be versatile and to produce excellent work. Photoshop also offers advanced features, such as layered masks and editing. It also supports CMYK coloring, which is the standard in the publishing industry.
  • It allows digital artists to produce more accurate and amazing illustrations and images.
  • The pen helps you change shape, brush size, color, and opacity – features that are available in Photoshop.

“I don’t have drawing and painting skills – Can I use computer drawing pad for other purposes?”

Other than making it a digital version of pencil and paintbrush, it can also function as calligraphy pen. Typographers also use this digital drawing tablet to design and arrange fonts to make them look fascinating. Even non-artists can find benefit in using this drawing tablet.

If you have an issue working with a mouse for your office or project tasks for a longer period of time, you can choose to make it as a substitute because it offers more comfort for your hand and wrist thus preventing injury or stress.

But, you can give drawing a try using this computer drawing tablet; just take things easily and step by step.

You can start by sketching basic shapes – circle, rectangle, triangle, and others. You’ll experience struggle on the first few tries, but repeat drawing these shapes until you are able to do so with comfort and until the lines are straight.

 Afterward, create objects out of these shapes – draw a tent out of the triangle, a pie out of the circle, and so on. Be patient – making your lines perfect may not happen instantly; constant practice is the key. As you get used to working with the drawing pad and as you learn the basics in drawing, you will be more confident in trying out new images.

Again, start with the simplest images that you can find on the Internet; draw them. You’ll realize your progress one day… before you know it, you are already drawing and now trying out painting.