Learn Desktop Publishing Skills in Less Than a Month

Master desktop publishing skills for print and webpage design

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Learn desktop publishing for print and the web one article at a time with this desktop publishing (DTP) series. This online tutorial is designed to be read one day at a time for 28 days. Of course, you're free to read as many or as few lessons each day as you want. 

This introductory look at desktop publishing is designed primarily for those with little or no experience or training in DTP and graphic design. It isn't a hands-on, how-to-do-desktop-publishing course. However, after you complete it, you will have a much better understanding of the desktop publishing process. This understanding will make future classes and other tutorials on the subject easier to understand.

General Concepts of DTP

The lessons in this section focus on defining desktop publishing and related terms. You'll find definitions, trivia, and articles that allow you to dig deeper into the subject if you want. Learn the difference between designing for print and designing for the web.

Fonts and How Best to Use Them

Fonts are the bread and butter of graphic designers and desktop publishers. Learn the lingo.

Design and Images

It doesn't matter whether you are designing for print or the web—images play a crucial role, and you want yours to have impact on everything you design.

Prepress & Printing

The articles in this section cover concepts and tasks related to file preparation for print and the type of printing used in desktop publishing.

Rules & Tasks Part 1: Rules of Desktop Publishing

Yes, there are rules in desktop publishing. Mainly, they smooth the path to happy clients and standardize the processes of DTP for print and the web.

Rules & Tasks Part 2: How a Desktop Publishing Document Is Created

These articles revisit some things you learned previously but show how they are all connected and fit into the desktop publishing process when working on a specific document on a webpage. The main focus is on becoming familiar with the steps that are involved in the creative process.

Looking Forward

By the time you make it this far, you'll be familiar with the basic concepts of desktop publishing as they apply to print and web design. Don't stop here. There are plenty of other training opportunities, online software tutorials, and publishing skills you can acquire. 

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