Learn French

Learning French is an ongoing and involved process. You can't learn how to speak French overnight, and you probably can't learn on your own, no matter how many books and CDs you buy. What you can do is use this free website to supplement your learning: to get another explanation of something you didn't understand, to get extra practice between classes, and to brush up on what you once learned but have now all but forgotten.

Learn French Online

Learn French at About.com offers hundreds of lessons and thousands of sound files to help you learn French. If you are just starting to learn French, begin with one of these:

  • Learn French - hundreds of online French lessons, plus study tips and sound files
  • French e-course - Learn just the basics with this 7-day introductory email course
  • French for travelers - Learn greetings, numbers, food, and other practical vocabulary for a trip

If you are looking for a particular French lesson, try my Find it! page.

Learn French Offline

There are also plenty of offline tools that you can use to learn French:

About Learning French

Not sure yet whether you want to learn French? Keep reading:

Practice your French

Don't forget that you also need to practice the French you learn.

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