Learn French Expressions About Mood and Health

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Learn some French expressions related to mood and health, both good and bad.



Literal translation

Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed? Tu t'es levé du pied gauche? "Did you get up on your left foot?"
Don't sulk! Ne fais pa la tête ! "Don't do/make the head!"
Get well soon. Remets-toi vite. "Get better quickly."
He's hard of hearing. Il est dur d'oreille.
He's uncomfortable. Il n'est pas bien dans sa peau. "He's not good in his skin."
He's in a very good mood. Il est de très bon humeur. "He's of very good mood."
I burst out laughing. J'ai éclaté de rire. "I burst to laugh."
I can't seem to wake up. Je n'arrive pas à me réveiller. "I'm not managing to wake up"
I don't feel well. Je ne suis pas en forme. "I'm not in shape"
I feel great! J'ai la frite !
J'ai la patate !
"I have the French fry!"
"I have the potato!"
I'm all choked up. J'ai la gorge serrée. "My throat is tight."
I'm bathed in sweat. Je suis en nage. "I'm swimming."
I'm beat! Je suis crevé!
Je suis à bout de force!
"I'm burst!
I'm at the end of force!"
I'm bored to death. Je m'ennuie à mourir "I'm bored to dying."
I'm out of breath. Je suis hors d'haleine.
I was ready to drop. Les jambes m'entraient dans le corps. "My legs were going into my body."
My head is spinning. J'ai la tête qui tourne. "I have the head that spins."
You look well. Tu as bonne mine. "You have good look."
You're soaked to the skin! Tu es trempé comme une soupe!
Tu es trempé jusqu'aux os!
"You're soaked like a soup!"
"You're soaked to the bones!"
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