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The use of the French word plus can be confusing, especially in such similar-looking expressions as en plus and de plus. In addition, plus has three possible pronunciations: [ploos] - [ploo] - [plooz]. This lesson will cover the different expressions and uses of plus and explain how to pronounce it in each situation.

In most of these expressions, plus can be pronounced [ploo] or [ploos] according to the whim of the speaker, so these are unmarked. In the instances where plus must be pronounced one way or the other, the pronunciation is provided. Note that plus is pronounced [plooz] only when it precedes a vowel (due to liaison).

En plus vs De plus

En plus signifies something above and beyond, while de plus makes a comparison. This is sometimes a very subtle distinction.

en plus extra
J'ai une chaise en plus. I have an extra chair.
les frais de poste en plus shipping charges (are) extra; not including shipping
en plus de on top of
En plus de ses cours, il travaille à plein-temps. On top of his classes, he works full-time.
En plus de cela... On top of all that...
de plus more, additional, in addition, furthermore
J'ai une chaise de plus. I have an additional chair.
Il a trois ans de plus que moi. He is three years older than I am.
De plus, nous sommes en retard. (And) Furthermore, we're late.
une fois de plus once more
Allons-y une fois de plus. Let's go there one more time.
de plus en plus more and more
Je deviens de plus en plus fatigué. I'm getting more and more tired.
aller de plus en plus vite to go faster and faster
au plus at the most
Tu as une heure au plus. You have an hour at the most.
tout au plus at the very most
Il a 15 minutes tout au plus. He has 15 minutes at the very most.
d'autant plus ![ploos] All the more reason!
Je ne veux pas acheter un livre ; je n'aime pas lire.
D'autant plus !

I don't want to buy a book; I don't like to read.
All the more reason (that you should)!

moi non plus [ploo] me neither
Il n'est pas prêt, et moi non plus. He's not ready, and neither am I.
plus + adverb [ploo] more + adverb (comparative)
Marchez plus vite. Walk more quickly.
Parle plus haut ! Speak up!
plus ou moins [plooz] more or less, about
Il a plus ou moins 10 ordinateurs. He has about 10 computers.
Elle a fait plus ou moins tout. She did more or less everything.
plus que jamaisv [ploos] more than ever
Je t'aime plus que jamais. I love you more than ever.
qui plus est [plooz] furthermore (interchangeable with de plus)
Qui plus est, je ne veux pas le faire. And furthermore, I don't want to do it.
tant et plus de [ploo] ever so much, many
Il y a tant et plus d'eau ! There is ever so much water!
Nous avons tant et plus de livres ! We have ever so many books!
J'en peux plus. [ploo] I can't take (it) any more.
Plus ça change (plus c'est la même chose) The more things change (the more they stay the same)
Plus fait douceur que violence. Kindness succeeds where force will fail.
Plus on est de fous, plus on rit. [plooz] The more the merrier.
tirer plus vite que son ombre to be quick off the mark, to move at lightning speed
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