Daily French - Le français du jour

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One surefire way to improve your French is to work on it as often as possible. This site offers various daily and weekly French features as well as tips on incorporating French into your daily life.

Daily French Newsletter
Practicing French every day is key to becoming fluent. This 14-day newsletter course offers dozens of ideas and links for daily French practice.

French Word of the Day ~ Mot du jour
Discover a new intermediate- to advanced-level word with its part of speech, English translation, sample sentences, pronunciation, and sound file every weekday

French Lesson of the Day ~ Leçon du jour
Would you like to brush up on grammar concepts or vocabulary lists that you learned long ago - or do you just like surprises?

Visit this page - every day links to a different lesson

French Quiz of the Day ~ Épreuve du jour
Test yourself daily with the French quiz of the day

French Quotation of the Day ~ Citation du jour
Learn about French and francophone cultures with these daily words of wit and wisdom from great francophone thinkers, writers, artists, politicians, and more.

Today in Francophone History
Learn about today's famous francophone birthdays, holidays and celebrations, and other milestones.

Daily French Practice
Daily French practice is a must, as it is only by practicing and using your French that you will be able to retain what you've learned and, eventually, develop fluency. Aside from the obvious ways to practice, like speaking up in class and reading books, there are a number of ways you can incorporate French into your daily life.

Saints' Days ~ Fêtes du jour
This page is automatically updated every day with information about the current saints' days.

You can click on each name to learn about about its meaning and origins.

Weekly Features

Expression of the week
To a French learner, it can seem like there are new French expressions lurking everywhere you turn, just waiting to trip you up. Some expressions are relatively easy to figure out, but others are figurative or idiomatic, which makes things a lot harder.

In this weekly feature, I discuss French expressions that defy comprehension at first glance.

Word play of the week
French is a beautiful language, and it lends itself well to all kinds of word play like puns and tongue twisters. If you're tired of studying grammar, try your hand at some French word play.

Mistake of the week
Analysis of common French mistakes