Learn the Colors in German

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Colors - Farben
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FarbeColor"Colorful" Phrases (color adjectives)
rotredder rote Wagen (the red car), der Wagen ist rot
rosapinkdie rosa Rose (the pink rose)*
blaublueein blaues Auge (a black* eye), er ist blau (he's drunk)
*In German, a black eye is blue.
die hellblaue Bluse (the light blue blouse)**
die dunkelblaue Bluse (the dark blue blouse)

der grüne Hut (the green hat) 

gelbyellowein gelbes Licht (a yellow light)
orangeorangedas orange Buch (the orange book) 
braunbrowndie braunen Schuhe (the brown shoes) 
beigebeigeder beige Kasten (the beige box)
violettvioletder violette Hut (the violet hat) 
lilalilac/mauveder lila Hut (the lilac hat)* 
weißwhitedas​ ​weiße Papier (the white paper) 
schwarzblackder schwarze Koffer (the black suitcase)
graugrayder graue Pulli (the gray sweater) 
türkisturquoiseeine türkise Karte (a turquoise card) 
silbersilvereine silberne Münze (a silver coin) 
goldgoldeine goldene Münze (a gold coin), eine Goldmünze
* Colors ending in -a (lila, rosa) or -e (beige, orange) do not take the normal adjective endings.
** Light or dark colors are preceded by hell- (light) or dunkel- (dark), as in hellgrün (light green) or dunkelgrün (dark green).
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