Learning Disabilities Checklists

Prepare for Your Child's IEP Meeting with These Checklists

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As a parent of a child struggling in school, your best asset is knowing your child. If your child's teacher or other administrators have contacted you about her problems in the classroom, it's a good time to take an inventory of your child's strengths and weaknesses as you see them. The checklists linked to below will give you a head start in working with the team at your child's school. 

Preparing for Your Child's IEP Meeting

If you have been asked to participate in a meeting about an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for your child, it's because your child's teacher or other professionals suspect that your child may need additional supports to maximize her educational experience. As part of that meeting, the teacher, school psychologist or social worker (or both) will present reports on their experiences with the student. This is a great time to prepare a parent or caregiver's report. 

To help you focus on your child's strengths and weaknesses, try these learning disability checklists. First, isolate your child's strengths: It's always a good idea to present a full picture of the student, rather than focus only on delays and shortcomings.  Patterns will emerge that enable you to see the areas of weakness that tend to be predominant with your child/student. 

Learning Disabilities Checklists

Listening Comprehension: How well can the student understand spoken lessons?

Oral Language Development: How well can the student express herself orally?

Reading Skills: Does the child read at grade level? Are there particular areas in which reading is a struggle?

Written Skills: Can the child express himself in writing? Is the child able to write easily?

Mathematics: How well does she understand number concepts and operations?

Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Is the child able to hold a pencil, use a keyboard, tie his shoes?

Social Relationships: Measure the child's development in the social sphere at school.

Behavior: Does the child have impulse control? Can she complete tasks in the allotted time? Can he practice a calm mind and calm body?