Lee Jamieson

Lee Jamieson is the author of numerous books and articles about theater. Before becoming a freelance author and journalist, he lectured Theater Studies for six years at Stratford-upon-Avon College in the UK.


Lee has written about some of Europe’s most important playwrights, and his books are widely used in educational drama departments worldwide. His academic background is balanced by his keen interest in performing and directing.


Lee graduated with a first-class BA honors degree in Drama and English from DeMontfort University, and then from Warwick University with an MA in Theater Studies, for which he received a distinction. Lee is also a qualified lecturer, receiving his CertEd from Warwick University.

Lee Jamieson

I have a strong belief that theater should be studied both academically and practically – this will always be my philosophy as your Shakespeare guide. In my writing, I aim to communicate my love and passion for all theater and help you demystify Shakespeare.

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