Left Brain Right Brain Quiz

How Does Your Brain Work?

Are You Left Brain or Right Brain Dominant?
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1. Do you believe in reincarnation?
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2. True of false: your work space is always tidy and you color code your notes.
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3. Close your eyes and imagine yourself drawing a pig.
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4. Are you always on time to school or work?
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5. Do you prefer squares or circles?
6. Which one looks more like your spirit?
7. If you had to write a short story in two hours, how would you go about it?
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8. Which kind of test question do you have trouble with?
9. You have to bake a cake for an important event tomorrow.
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10. What would we find under your bed right now?
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Left Brain Right Brain Quiz
You got: Mostly Logical Left Brain!
I got Mostly Logical Left Brain!. Left Brain Right Brain Quiz
Grace Fleming

Congratulations! You are a logical person who most likely performs well on standardized tests!

You probably like tidiness and order in your home life and in the classroom.

You are comfortable listening to lectures and taking most test types, but you might be uncomfortable with open-ended essay assignments that require you to imagine scenarios. You want class directions to be clear.

Philosophy class might drive you crazy, but math class makes you comfortable--even if you don't like doing your homework. You like precise answers.

A disorganized teacher or unclear assignments will drive you crazy! You are good at analyzing problems to find the right answer.

You may have considered pursuing a degree in science or math. You don't like mushy love movies. You might be a Jeopardy champ one day, not because you're smarter than right brain students, but because you are able to answer questions quickly.

 You are best with sequential learning.

Left Brain Right Brain Quiz
You got: Balance of Right Brain and Left Brain!
I got Balance of Right Brain and Left Brain!. Left Brain Right Brain Quiz
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 Congratulations! You are the type of person who is equally comfortable with an art project and a science project. 

You may be artistically talented but you are certainly not intimidated by math or science. 

You probably appreciate the beauty in nature as well as the beauty of art. 

Left Brain Right Brain Quiz
You got: Artistic Right Brain!
I got Artistic Right Brain!. Left Brain Right Brain Quiz
Right brain dominant students should put their creative talents to work!. Grace Fleming

Congratulations! You have a creative mind and strong gut instincts!

You may be the quiet one in study groups, but you come up with brilliant ideas.

It's a good idea to give your busy brain time to absorb things, so don't procrastinate! Try to read things over twice, and let things soak in over time.

You probably get bored during long lectures and prefer to take classes with a lot of freedom of movement and thought.

You probably like to write stories and even tell stories about your funny experiences. You see lessons in your life experiences.

You might be a little suspicious of other people's motives sometimes, but that's only because you can usually tell whenever someone is lying or when they're up to no good.