PGA Tour Winners: Left-Handed

golfer Phil Mickelson smiles
Phil Mickelson is way out in front on the list of the PGA Tour's lefty winners. Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Left-handed golfers don't have the greatest history on the PGA Tour, but it has a lot more to do with their number than the skills of these professional athletes. In fact, it wasn't until 1963's Houston Open that a left-handed golfer even won a tournament on the PGA Tour.

Since then, only five left-handed golfers have posted two or more victories in PGA Tour competition, and only four have won any of the four major championships.

Of the many left-handed golfers currently active in the sport, Phil Mickelson is by far the most decorated athlete with over 40 wins under his belt, including a few of the four major championships. 

Bubba Watson (9 wins), Mike Weir (8 wins), Bob Charles (6 wins) and Steve Flesch (4 wins) are the only other left-handed golfers to win more than two competitions on the PGA Tour. Interestingly, Weir is right-handed but chooses to use his left hand when golfing.

The Left-Handed Champions

Phil Mickelson has gone on to become one of the best golfers in the circuit, winning five major championships, bringing his total career wins on the tour to 42. Starting at the 2004 Masters, Mickelson took the golf world by storm midway through his career and went on to win the 2005 PGA Championship, The Masters in 2006 and 2010, and the 2013 British Open

Mike Weir, Bob Charles and Bubba Watson are the only other left-handers to win any of the four major championships, with Watson winning both the 2012 and 2014 Masters, Weir winning the 2003 Masters and Charles winning the 1963 British Open — the first major championship win by a left-handed golfer, who had also become the first left-handed golfer to win a PGA Tour game in general at the 1963 Houston Open.

Watson went on to earn nine career wins while Weir went on to win eight tournaments and Charles went on to win six. Steve Flesch, another left-handed golfer, has not won any of the major tournaments but has earned four career wins on the PGA Tour.

The only other left-handed golfers with wins on the PGA Tour are Ted Potter Jr., Russ Cochran, Eric Axley, Ernie Gonzalez, Sam Adams, Brian Harman, Greg Chalmers and Cody Gribble.

A History of Left-Handed Golf

It's interesting to note that there exists in golf, as in many areas of modern life, a stigma against left-handed players. Most golf courses are designed with right-handed golfers in mind as only 11 percent of the entire world claims to be left-handed. 

Although there have never been rules banning left-handed golfers or providing a handicap for or against them on the PGA Tour, left-handed golfers were not a prominent feature of the game really until Mickelson took the Tour by storm in 2004.

It wasn't even until Charles' 1963 Houston Open subsequent British Open wins that a left-handed golfer had even done relatively well on the course. Since then, the stigma has slightly fallen away, thanks mostly to the golfers in this article.