Leo and Virgo Love Compatibility

Working Hard, Playing Hard

Credit: Sofie Delauw / Getty Images.

Leo and Virgo are neighbors on the Zodiac wheel, and share traits of being very particular about everything.

There's a chance for domestic harmonizing when Leo and Virgo meet at close degrees. Check your Sun's degree because a late Leo and early Virgo share a lot of the same traits.

Leo gets an ego boost from Virgo's specialized attention, and all Leos love to feel special. Both take pride in their looks, and as a pair will strike others as well put together.

  Many Virgos radiate a wholesome cleanliness, while Leo is apt to go for adornment and add a well-chosen scent. 

Virgo is attracted to Leo's sense of dignity and pride, especially if there's discipline to back up the big talk.  Both lose respect for slackers, and even dreamers.  They share a practical mindset, that gives them an edge with real achievement. 

Leo in Love makes a huge deal over holidays and birthdays, and special treats.

Virgo in Love may be a miser, but shows affection by being there day-to-day.

The Cheerful Child and the Perfectionist?

Leo might find Virgo a bit sedate, but will sense the potential for something long lasting and committed there. Leo encourages Virgo to be a kid, and take breaks from the self-improvement schemes. Virgo shows impulsive Leo the value of discrimination, in order to follow the best path.

A boastful Leo causes some Virgos to look like they don't buy it, and purse their lips in judgment.

  One Virgo challenge is to get past any inhibiting self-criticisms, and shine in their own way.  Leo's natural enthusiasm awakens that in Virgo, especially when it's done with a pure heart.

On the other hand, Leo might find the humility of Virgo rains on their parade.  Leo is sharing the big dream, and Virgo immediately expresses doubts, and specific hurdles to overcome.


One way this is a gift, is when Leo's ability to dream big is supported by Virgo, with the balance of the practical side.  Virgo shows Leo how to make it real, with small daily steps. 

All Work and All Play? 

Virgo doesn't mind hanging back in the shadow of Leo's light, as long as they're considered an equal partner. When Leo respects Virgo's quiet gifts, they've got it made. If Leo is a spend-a-holic, Virgo leans toward pinching pennies. This can be a source of conflict, especially if number-cruncher Virgo is minding the household finances.

The sober eye of Virgo comes in to break dreams down into steps. Leo gains a realistic perspective, and hopefully, doesn't let this take the wind out of their sails. Virgo and Leo together can make every day magical, but also productive. Both signs love to be effective and to see tangible rewards from their hard work. Leo's humor takes the edge off, and helps Virgo laugh at themselves. And Virgo shows the Lion the value of patience, in getting what he or she wants.

A Leo that craves attention might feel that Virgo's gaze is underwhelmed, or even critical. But when Virgo does give a compliment, Leo will know its sincere and from the sober eye of a realist.

In this way, Leo can rely on Virgo for sound feedback.

Playful, loving Leo brings out the sensual nature of the Virgin. Leo's uninhibited love style helps Virgo relax in the intimate times, and lose himself/herself in the moment.

Virgo may not always jump up and down with enthusiasm, but their steady presence has a value beyond just ego stroking. Leo's dream of enduring love can be realized with Virgo, whose integrity means promises are kept. This combo thrives when grounded in the details of daily life, spiced up with moments of exuberance.

Leo and Virgo Upside:  Similar ardent devotion; strong work ethic; disciplined creatives; determined; pack the day with productive effort; attentive lover; generous with time and gifts; caring parents; health and vitality oriented.

Leo and Virgo Downside: Both obsessed with appearance; self-critical; hard on self and others; discontent.

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This match brings together:  Fixed Fire (Leo) and Mutable Earth (Virgo).