Leo-Aquarius Moon Nodes in the Birth Chart

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Editor's Note: Author Eileen Grimes continues her exclusive series for About.com/Astrology with Leo-Aquarius life paths. Eileen is currently researching the Moon's Nodes.

In her article, Lunar Nodes, she wrote of the North Node as the energy of (moving) out of your comfort zone.

The north and south nodes are points in the birth chart, that tell a story of the soul's journey over time, and lifetimes.

Here she narrates the Leo-Aquarius plot lines, with interpretations for both directions. Share your experience of the Leo-Aquarius Moon nodes at the link below!

Leo North Node/Aquarius South Node

The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.

For these Aquarian south node types, this is what they know: that they put themselves in situations that put themselves last. They will give you the shirt of their back, and probably more if you needed it. They truly have everyone’s interests at heart, first and foremost. They live in their minds, and in the future. They are visionaries, and true observers of life.

They look to others, for validation of their unique ideas from their peers. They are the most amazing champions of the underdog, and will go to bat for anyone that needs their help. They are inherently intelligent, but also somewhat dogmatic -- their own visions of how the world could be become absolutes in their way of thinking -- in other words, their way is the only way.

This route has been through the mind, and because they don’t seem to be of this world, they are somewhat detached and emotionless about things.

The pathway to due north. As altruistic as this is, there is something missing for these people -- and that is simple joy in life. They have left themselves out of their personal equation - developing a sense of self-love, as well as learning to receive love, is really why they’re here.

Because of their innate feeling of disconnection in life, the real path is to find self-love, as well as finding an inner child that might have forgotten to play along the way, and find the joys of their heart. It really IS okay for them to receive applause.

Aquarius North Node/Leo South Node

"All the worlds a stage, and the men and women are merely players”...

Shakespeare had it right. To Leo south node, all the world IS and HAS been a stage for many lifetimes. We have lights, we have drama, we have stardom! Here is royalty - at least in the mind, a sense of entitlement and someone who is ‘to the manner born.” These folks probably WERE were royalty in past lives. From an early age, these people just know that they are somehow special. They seem to shine, completely from their own inner light. There’s a sparkle in the eye, and a warmth that radiates from them.

In the very best of circumstances they are completely about love. In the worst, well, you have someone that is seeking a never-ending source of attention from others and also needing approval. They will never risk that - getting approval has been the driving force of many lifetimes.

Getting approval takes a lot of energy -- and a never-ending supply of it from other people.

The importance of making sure that whatever behavior is done, that it meets with everyone’s approval around them, can be exhausting and frustrating. Because when the approval dries up, or they don’t get their quota of it, you have one very unhappy Leo south node.

So what is the key to the evolution of the Leo south node? It is to risk disapproval. An amazing concept, but lets take a deeper look: If Leo south node is geared primarily towards that constant approval from others, that would mean that what they are not being authentic with others, and most of all, themselves.

Perhaps they will hide their true uniqueness in order for some applause. This is where the disapproval comes in -- if they really express their own uniqueness, it might be risky - costing them the loss of others' attention.

If so, just maybe, they’ll see that others' points of view might be valuable enough for them to shift how they hold their own ego, and look at the idea of perhaps sharing the spotlight.

And take a look at the last of the above statement: “and the men and women are merely players.” That Aquarius north node wants our south node in Leo to evolve to include everyone in life - so that ultimately, the uniqueness of this individual will come back to rest within themselves, thus find their own self-approval -- and learning that lesson as a player in the wider cast of unique characters.