Lesson 2 - Learning About Starfish

Starfish - Tube Feet
Underside of starfish showing tube feet. Photo Collection of Dr. James P. McVey, NOAA Sea Grant Program

Starfish - Scientists call them Sea Stars - but no matter what you call them, they are interesting creatures. If you are fortunate enough to find a starfish at the tide pools or in the ocean, you can safely pick them up. Be very careful not to harm the starfish and make sure to return it to its home.

Learning About Starfish:

  • "Starfish" by Edith Thacher Hurd
    Starfish is a 'Let's-Read-and-Find-Out About' story about Starfish. Children will learn about starfish and how they live in the deep blue sea.
  • What is a Starfish?Starfish or sea stars are animals that live in the ocean. They are not actually fishes...so what are they?

Starfish Projects:

  • Starfish PrintablesLearn more about starfish with these printable pages - worksheets, wordsearch and coloring pages. Add the completed pages to your Starfish Notebook.
  • Starfish CraftsThere are five crafts for this lesson. Do all five or choose the ones you like best.
  • Starfish Recipes Cooking with Kids - Make this fun Tuna Starfish!

Starfish Fun:

  • Games and StuffAdd the printable activities to your notebook. Have fun with the online games and activities.
  • Coloring PagesPrint out the coloring pages. Answer the questions neatly on the coloring page.


  • Materials List for Lesson 2List of materials needed to complete all projects in Lesson 2.

Discovering Sea Creature Series:

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Have fun learning all about sea creatures!