Lesson 3 - Learning About Seahorses

A seahorse has a head that looks like the head of a very tiny horse. Find out what it can do with its tail.

Learning About Seahorses:

  • "Mister Seahorse" by Eric Carle
    Mister Seahorse is a fun and educational story about how male seahorses are the caretakers of their eggs. Find out which other fish fathers have the same responsibility.
  • What is a Seahorse?Seahorses are very fascinating fishes. They are notable for being one of only a few species where the males get pregnant. Let's learn all about these interesting creatures.

    Seahorse Projects:

    • Seahorse Crafts
      There are three crafts for this lesson. Do all three or choose the ones you like best.
    • Seahorse Recipes
      Cooking with Kids - Sea Horse Sugar Cookies

    Seahorse Fun:

    • Games and Stuff
      Add the printable activities to your notebook. Have fun with the online games and activities.
    • Coloring Pages
      Print out the coloring pages. Answer the questions neatly on the coloring page.


    • Materials List for Lesson 3List of materials needed to complete all projects in Lesson 3.

    Discovering Sea Creature Series:

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