Craft Printed Props for Playing Store

A small child pretending to be the cashier during a game of "store."

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Young children learn through pretend play, which builds essential developmental skills such as language and social skills, problem solving, and information processing.

The "Let's Play Store" kit is a fun way to encourage imagination in kids. Children love to roleplay, and store is often a favorite. These pages are designed to spark creativity and make playing store fun. Children will practice writing skills, spelling, and math, all while having fun.

Playing store helps children practice concepts such as:

  • Number recognition
  • Understanding currency denominations and value
  • Adding, subtracting, and making change
  • Writing skills
  • Social skills

To enhance play, save items such as empty cereal or cracker boxes, milk jugs, egg cartons, and plastic containers for your child to use in the shop. Consider purchasing a set of play money or make your own with paper and markers.

"Let's Play Store" also makes an inexpensive gift for kids to give to their friends. You can also add other items to the gift, such as a toy cash register, an apron, play food or a shopping cart. Print these pages (or a holiday version), and place them in a folder or notebook to keep everything together. For greater durability, print out the kit (especially the price tags) on card stock.

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Let's Play Store

"Let's Play STore" cover with waving cashier

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This page can be used as the store sign, the glued- or stapled-on front of a folder, or an insert in a binder cover to store the each page for later use.

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4 receipts for kids to fill out and play with

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Print multiple copies of the receipt page. Cut the pages apart—or allow your children to practice their fine motor skills by cutting the pages apart themselves—stack the receipt squares, and staple them together to create a receipt pad. 

Children practice handwriting, spelling, and numerical skills as they write an item description and the purchase amount for each item sold in their store. They can then practice addition as they tally the total to provide their customers with an amount due.

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Today's Specials and Signs

Sales include milk and apples

Julee Huy / Beverly Hernandez

Children can practice writing dollar amounts and assigning value to products as they choose a price for common items, such as apples and milk, on the bottom portion of the page. They can choose their own sale item for the day and fill in the top portion. 

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Restroom Signs

Signs for the men's room and the ladies'

 Julee Huy / Beverly Hernandez

Every store needs a restroom! Just for fun, print these restroom signs to hang on the bathroom doors in your home. 

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Open and Closed Signs

Open and closed signs for a game of "Store"

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Is your store open or closed? Print this sign so your customers will know. For greater authenticity, print this page on card stock. Cut along the dotted line and glue the blank sides together.

Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the two top corners and tie each end of a piece of yarn to the holes so that the sign can be hung and flipped over to indicate if the store is open or closed.

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Store game coupons

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Everyone loves a bargain! Print coupons for your shoppers to use. The coupons will give your shopkeeper some fun subtraction practice or your preschool shoppers fine motor skills practice as they clip their coupons.

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Shopping Lists

Blank shopping lists for pretend games of "Store"

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Young children practice handwriting, spelling, and list-making with these shopping list printables. You can also encourage critical thinking skills by asking them which ingredients they might need on their shopping list in order to make a favorite meal or snack.

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Let's Play Store - Price Tags

Even imaginary merchandise should be clearly priced

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Print PDF: Price Tags

Children can practice assigning dollar values to items and writing numbers in currency format with these blank price tags. Younger children can hone their fine motor skills cutting the price tags apart and using a hole punch to cut out the circle for attaching the tags to sale items.

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