Lewis Surname Meaning and Origin

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The Lewis surname is generally derived from the Germanic given name Lewis (Lowis, Lodovicus), meaning "renowned, famous battle," from the Germanic elements hlod ‘fame’ + wig ‘war.’

In Wales, the Lewis surname may have derived from an Anglicized form of the personal name Llywelyn.

As an Irish or Scottish surname, Lewis can be an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Lughaidh, meaning "son of Lughaidh," derived from Lugh 'brightness.'

Lewis is also a common Americanization of several similar-sounding Jewish surnames, such as Levy and Lewin.

Lewis is the 26th most popular surname in the United States and the 21st most common surname in England.

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Famous People With the Surname LEWIS

  • Edna Lewis - Gourmet chef and cookbook author
  • Edmonia Lewis - African American and Native American female sculptor
  • Carl Lewis - Olympic track and field athlete
  • Meriwether Lewis - one half of the legendary Lewis & Clark expedition to the Pacific Ocean, along with William Clark.
  • C.S. Lewis - author of the popular Narnia series of children's books

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