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Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina Davis. ABC, Inc.

The two actresses who played the grown-up Kristina Davis, Lexi Ainsworth and Lindsey Morgan, were both victims of story changes on General Hospital.

Lexi Ainsworth

Born in 1992, Lexi Ainsworth joined the cast of General Hospital in 2009, when she was sixteen, playing Kristina, Alexis Davis' daughter with mobster Sonny Corinthos.

The role was challenging; for part of her time on the series, Kristina was being beaten by her boyfriend, Kiefer.

Ainsworth made public service announcements about physical abuse, with its message aimed at teens. Her work earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination.

After she left General Hospital in 2011, Ainsworth did a short film, Nice Guys Finish Last, a short directed by Kimberly McCullough and the TV series Criminal Minds and Cougar Town. Films include A Girl Like Her (2015), So This is Christmas (2013), and two TV movies, Westside (2013, originally a TV pilot that was not picked up), and she had a recurring role on Chosen (2014). She also worked on another TV series, Prom King (2014). 

Ainsworth returned to General Hospital in late 2015, though it looked as if her stay would be short. She was in a few brief scenes with few lines. In fact, Kristina had a major storyline coming up.  

She had a secret about college, which necessitated her to hack into Alexis' email and delete an email from the college. Kristina also takes an opportunity at the Nutcracker Gala when her mother leaves her phone at the table.

She dives into that email, too.

It is a hectic time. Julian, realizing that Alexis' daughters are not crazy about him, ask for their blessing to marry her. They give it.

While she is at home, Kristina receives a letter from Wesleyan stating that she is on academic suspension. She finally confesses to Sam that she offered to trade sex for a better grade.

For that reason, she is suspended and afraid to tell her parents. It takes her a while to tell anyone that the professor is a woman. Is Kristina gay? She doesn't know.

The young actress is active in various charities and manages, even with her schedule, to be very well read. One of her favorite quotes is from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Morgan joined the cast of General Hospital in 2012, during a difficult time for the show, and for the character of Kristina.

The rumor was that Lexi Ainsworth was let go because she was too young-looking for some of the stories and relationships that were planned for the character going forward. Later, it was stated that Ainsworth left because she did not want to sign a long-term contract and wished to pursue other opportunities.

Judging by the person who was cast to replace Ainsworth, I think the writers wanted someone older. Morgan debuted in 2012, when Kristina returned from Yale. She was more mature and also angry, having learned that Sonny had used his influence to get her into the Ivy League university.  

Kristina announced that she was doing a reality show, Mob Princess, a story arc which flopped badly.

It introduced Trey, her producer, who turned out to be the son of Kate/Connie and Joe Scully

The writers wrapped up the story quickly. Kristina and Trey married as part of the reality show and then decided to stay married. Trey died in a car accident. Kristina left to attend Wesleyan University in 2013.  

Big Changes

General Hospital was in the midst of making an important transition, cleaning up old stories and bringing in new and legacy characters. Apparently they decided that the show could do without a Kristina for the time being.  

Despite her short time on the show, in 2013, Morgan received her first nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress for her portrayal of Kristina at the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards.

Lindsey Morgan has been a wildly busy actress since leaving GHl in 2013. She appeared on the TV series Franklin and Bash and The Flip Side, did two short films, Stalking and 5 Stages, and an independent film, Chastity Bites.

She also played Lauren in seven episodes of a web series, Destroy the Alpha Gammas. She was cast in the TV series The 100, as well as commercials for Samsung, K Mart, and Toyota Corolla. She has also done a Fox production for 2014, ETXR.

We can expect to see much more of these women on our TV and film screens.