Libra and Pisces Love Compatibility

Soulful or Superficial?

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Libra and Pisces are fancy love birds that -- when they're ready -- mate for life.

The loquacious Libra fills first dates with lively, sing-song conversation. It's okay for the go with the flow sign of the Fishes, to follow Libra's lead.

What appeals to Pisces is what's off-beat or even eccentric about you. They love a mystery, and will want to put intuitive feelers out to Libra's layers. If Libra's got soul, as well as charm, that's impressive to Pisces.

It's better not to overtalk the seduction with Pisces. That's where Libra will want to listen -- to body language and subtle cues -- rather than what's spelled out in conversation.

Libra is intrigued by Pisces imaginative mind, and hangs on every thoughtful word. Pisces feels safe in the balance-seeking engagement style of Libra.

Libra in Love is attentive, gives great feedback, and is socially light.

Pisces in Love is impressionable, a subjective thinker and prone to idealize the lover.  

Both see a devoted partner that won't take advantage of their good qualities -- that's the ideal, anyway. It's a paradox that each will see some of the wily traits in the other. One is the ability to cast a glamour and transform into the object of the other's desire.

They might play with being the ideal, and staying in that role, but it's a long way down from such a lofty height. This pairing benefits from honesty, and being real with any character flaws.

We're all works-in-progress, after all. Libra and Pisces will find out if they've fallen in love with a dream -- something they imagined -- or something that stands up to day to day living.

One Enchanted Evening

First dates might be taking in some culture, an art walk, or performance. Pisces likes atmosphere and Libra comes alive in artful places.

Look for an elegant place with smooth vibes -- go for calm and intimate over the chaotic and crowded. Take time over an unhurried meal, perhaps one you've made yourself! They soon sense the romantic in the other, and willingly fall head over heels.

Pisces is the enigma of the Zodiac, and might surprise -- and disarm -- Libra with their sultry sexuality. There are many masks of Pisces, and each time you meet they reveal another 'self.' What's consistent, with many Pisces, is kindness. Many drift toward the metaphysical, which they can share with Libra, who is above all, open to new ideas.

Libra is Venus ruled, and Pisces is ruled by Neptune -- it's the two octaves of love in one. A potential here is personal love and the Neptunian kind, for a sense of there being a divine hand in the union. Love is spiritualized here, and the lovers might explore erotic arts, like Tantra. Both have strong libidos, though it can run hot and cold at times, depending on the mood.

Libra and Pisces really relax in aesthetically pleasing places. The crush of life, with all its stress, is a mood killer. Take time to venture into an otherworldly place, like a botanical garden, to shake off the mundane. Both grow closer when there's magic, and a "special" feeling.

Riding Waves or Rip Currents

At times, Libra and Pisces both like to float dreamily along the river of life. The go-with-the-flow natures make them easy mates. But sometimes they're a love vessel without a rudder. More than other signs, Libra uses the "other" as a gauge for its own identity.

Rather than a clear reflection, with Pisces it becomes a fun house of distorted mirrors, and Libra can lose its sense of self very easily. Both signs wear many masks and can take on traits they think others want or need. Keeping a full life, with time apart, is a way to dial in to the inner compass.

Pisces needs time to let all filter through, and may be pressured by Libra to talk. Libra's need for conversation clashes with the Piscean need to dwell in the fragments of experience. Libra feels frustrated by the lostness of Pisces, and the latter feels strongarmed and rushed.

As a cardinal sign, Libra is often the provocateur. This can become relentless, if a dark side Libra is chronically dissatisfied with Pisces.  Eager to keep the relationship growing, Libra tries to prod Pisces to step up, which only makes the Fishes swim more urgently in two directions.

The diffuse, anchorless aspect of Pisces might drive Libra to seek sparring elsewhere. Libra is an air sign that thrives on clarity, and Pisces is a dream within a dream, always a bit of an enigma, even to itself.

For the longterm, this is a couple that keep the romance alive. They both like to mark holidays and anniversaries, and neither shows up without love offerings in hand. The sharing of traits creates a nice balance.

Libra helps Pisces find the words for their most elusive impressions. Pisces leads Libra into spiritual realms, where their understanding gains nuance. Libra champions the multi-dimensional talents of the Fishes, and encourages them to share it with others. When both are generous with their gifts, a sense of devotion goes far in overcoming any differences.

Upside: ultimate romantics; beauty-obsessed; stylish and put-together; art lovers; social mixers; fair-minded; committed to relationship.

Downside: denial; avoidance of root conflicts; escapists; hedonists; losing sense of self; manipulative or easily manipulated; lost in fluff and ephemera; ungrounded.

Quality and Element Cardinal Air (Libra) and Mutable Water (Pisces)

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