Rising Signs: Libra Rising

Twins in a House of Mirrors
Rebecca Handler/Getty Images

Libra has an instinct for making peace, and sometimes that drive for justice gets all self-righteous. This is the first sign in the public hemisphere (above the horizon) and has a lot to do with public engagement. 

It's a cardinal Rising Sign, which means it pushes out and makes its presence known.  

Libra Rising people are actively involved in either creating harmony, or in upsetting the equilibrium. I've known quite a few contentious Libra Rising natives, that bring a particular charge to that pursuit of either war or peace in relationships. 

My Mother is a Libra Rising and is a relentless "mirror," to the point of being overwhelming. Of course, many mothers are like that naturally! But Libra Risings have that external focus, to play off the other, in a highly energetic way. That's tough on introverts.    

And she's also a charmer now well into her seventies, with a dance card that's always full. Being an air Rising Sign, the conversation is light and in her case, often gossipy.      

She's always had a cultivated social presence and the Libra instinct for avoiding anything too dark.  She's got a sharpness to her personality, and Libra's double edged-sword traits helped me understand that dimension of who she is. Libra Risings cut both ways.  

With Libra rising, you are socially active, and find it natural to engage one-on-one. This makes it easy for you to meet new people, though you’ll keep many as acquaintances, and few as close friends.

You’re sensitive to chaos and disruption, and that’s why you’re choosey about companions.You’ll slip away from a ‘bad scene’ gracefully by keeping things light from the outset.

But your Libra love-style may propel you into love, and you may lose and find yourself through heartbreaking times. But this is part of your path of discovering the Self, in the mirror of the other.

You are articulate and have an instinct for balance. Your easy rapport makes you pleasant to be with, and you may enjoy entertaining as a career. You quickly hone in on the many sides of an issue, weighing pros and cons until the right decision is reached. It’s hard for you to speak definitively until you’ve gone through this process, and that’s why you’re seen as “indecisive.” You gain confidence when you hone this process and stand behind your decisions.

Rising Signs refer to the bundle of traits that others see when they meet you for the first time.  It's also how you engage with the world.

Libra Edge

The instinct for balance can ironically make you provocative since you’re always prodding to set things right. At times, this comes across as bossy or relentless dissatisfaction. You may have to learn to accept those closest to you.

If others become your pet projects, you can drive them crazy with your 'mirroring.'  Not everyone is motivated by that kind of constant reflection.  

But your instinct for being a mirror makes you a significant person in other peoples' lives. You might be the one that brings out the best in a friend or the one that reflects back disapproval. You have to learn to give people space, and to take time for yourself, as well.  

You can be a people person, and find it hard to be alone. That's not always a character defect, but a major trait in your personality. But you'll grow to have more balance, and not be dependent on others, and then have more to bring to relationships.  

You have an artful eye, as well as a built-in sense of justice.These gifts may lead you into the arts, decorating, fashion, entertainment media, law, social advocacy or politics.You make an impact on those you meet, and know how to work your connections. For you, life can be a win-win situation, and this attitude earns the trust of others.

Personality Traits: vivacious, breezy, sophisticated, fair-minded, talkative, leisure-loving.

Body and Style: attractive, graceful, label-conscious, flowing hair, light on your feet.