I'm a Libra with a Cancer - Zodiac Compatibility

Credit: Martin Barraud / Getty Images.

If you're a Libra, in love with a Cancer, it can seem like you're taken out of your natural groove.  The Moonchild is moody, and at times, defies your best efforts at making nice.  

The Cancer and Libra Love Match means two Suns that form an edgy angle, and that tension makes or breaks the relationship.

For a Cancer, the intimately personal is the ground to stand on.

 For Libra, the maintenance of a broad clear picture is their way of feeling secure. Without meaning to, each sign can feel hopelessly misunderstood, because of this difference in natural orientation. 

There can be great growth, and big rewards. But it is also far to fall, if the trust is lost. And each sign has a hard time letting go of a committed relationship.

This is written from Libra's corner...

Moodiness and the Moon

Libra, you're at ease and tuned in to the social milieu. You come alive with someone who is reflecting back to you, your wit and charms. This is how you know yourself.

But what of the Moon child, whose moods change by the millisecond? One moment they're giggling like a schoolgirl, laughing at your clever remark, the next they're seething at you from deep within themselves -- reliving some old trauma or memory. You can be knocked off kilter by such a reflection. You might know intuitively NOT to take moodiness personally.

And yet, you are very affected by how others react to you.

A Libra off his or her balance is unhappy and stressed out. This brings out a tendency to be high strung and a worrier. You can lose yourself in the effort to appease a cranky Crab. If it goes on for too long, you can make yourself sick.

Can you live with the emotional waviness of this water sign?

Yours is a sign that craves balance, and is motivated to work for it. Very often Cancer is too deep in his or her own experience, to see with the clarity of the Scales. Is your Cancer open to your observations? Are they willing to elevate their thinking?

Venus Standards

As a pair, you can create an artful, cozy nest. You both need a sanctuary away from the noise and indifference of the crowd. It's important to you, that you put your most stylish foot forward. Your sign is Libra, after all, ruled by the love goddess herself Venus.

And you might be fascinated and have a flair for the trappings of modern life -- what makes it beautiful and pleasurable.

Your standards in this regard are rather high, and you maintain some consistent quality control. The Moon-ruled Cancer can seem to your eye unkempt, and "like they don't care." Cancers can be sloppy, and keep an untidy home. You might find yourself constantly trying to clean up (or after) Cancer, and this role gets tiresome.

Many Cancers are big children at times, and it's wearying to be in the Mommy role. A life lesson for Cancer is emotional independence. If they're a diamond-in-the-rough, they can resent your attempts to polish them. A Cancer might sense that he/she can benefit from your aesthetic eye, but still won't want to follow your advise.

There's a stubborn streak in the cardinal (initiating) Moonchild. If you make a suggestion, they surely take it in, but might implement it much later -- when nobody's watching!

Love Hurts

From Readers Respond - The Cancer-Libra Relationship guest "t" writes, "My experience was horrific. Started out fine and got steadily worse. He was cancer and I Libra. He knew just how to hurt me and I couldn't let go for years and basically stalked him because i knew i was in the wrong in the relationship and my solution was to just keep trying. but it made it worse. Then after when we tried again I messed it up and was not able to give him the emotional support he needed or the courage to take the necessary steps. and had my self esteem ripped to shreds. Its no ones fault really, we are just creatures from 2 different planets.

I never felt such a weird connection though and it scared the hell out of me. I will never get over it."

This is a brave recount, and something similar happened to me. I'm a Cancer and was in a relationship with a Cancer Moon that felt quite weird (meaningful). There was a moment a few months in, where I bore my soul emotionally, without saying a word really. It was the first time I'd done that in my life, to be truthful.

And I believe it terrified him, and in his fear he pushed me away. And it took me years to recover from that one moment of letting down my guard. The Cancer sensitivity is so defended, because opening up can feel like a matter of life or death. I had to rebuild my confidence from the ground up. Even he, as we met afterwards over the years, would comment, "I'm sorry it was such a set back for you." I was visibly shaken to the core.

The Right Timing

Much will depend on how much of a sense of self has been established. Libra, you're one to revel in the "we" of a love affair, always happily thinking of ways to fluff it up. Your Cancer beloved also has the potential to be devoted -- to be a family man or mother to your children.

Because you're coming at love from different planets it can feel like you're walking on thin ice. But to carry this cheesy analogy to a pinnacle, learning to trust can lead to ice capades-style couples skating in the winters and cool plunges in the summers.


  • Are your resisting entanglement -- getting your hands dirty -- because of red flags?
  • Would time apart give you a chance to clear your heads and hearts?
  • Are you taking responsibility for the Cancer's moods, when it's not your doing?
  • Is your Cancer challenging you to reveal your emotional side?
  • Are you avoiding serious underlying issues, because of the mess that would follow?


  • Spend time with your own clear mirrors -- friends help you find balance again.
  • Forgive yourself, for not being perfect and/or able to win the Cancer's trust.
  • Look for that balance, between what's your part in it, and what's not your responsibility.
  • Get away to a place that makes you feel serene, a spa or the ocean, or an observation deck.