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I Can Give More of Myself
by Iris Killens Cheeks

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I am a survivor of child sexual molestation. But that is not all that I am! I am a mother, teacher, wife, sibling, writer, poet, and a lover of life and people! I published a book called I Sing the Blues and Cry: For the Little Girls of the World. 

I was tired of hiding behind perceptions and compelled to share my story in an effort to let others know the truth. "It is not our fault", "It is not our shame to bear", "We can live full free lives" and there is a such thing as "beauty for ashes" 

About My Light Path - I have taught public school for over 20 years and have watched the devastation of child abuse displayed in children's lives across grade levels, socioeconomic statuses, ethnicity, culture and gender. I have always been an advocate for all of my students, but it seemed that those like me, without even knowing about me, gravitated towards my care. I find that it is easy to tell someone that they are going to be alright, blessed, successful, happy and find peace. Still, from experience, I know they don't really believe the speaker knows what they are talking about. By sharing my story with the universe, I can not only love them, I can be a real world example for them.

I can give more of myself.


  • Never give up on surviving and you will become a conqueror!
  • Forgive everyone who ever hurt you! Do this for your own sake, not theirs!
  • You deserve to live without the pain, depression, insecurities and fear that comes with not forgiving people, even if they don't deserve or ask for it.
  • Focus on the simple beauty the world offers every chance you get. The trees, birds, children, wind, rain and stars can bring so much peace. After a while they will become bigger than the complicated things of life.
  • Laugh every chance you get, especially at yourself.

Starting Out Young
by Amber

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I believe I am lightworker as I have always had a deep sensitivity for others needs. I had always made it my duty to help people with what they needed. Often getting walked all over as I was to nice. My childhood had also been littered with paranormal experiences. I was always a loner also I felt very set apart from the crowd, up until last year I met like minded individuals and researched this sort of stuff on the Internet which gave me sense of belonging.

About My Light Path - I had started my awakening at the age of 15 after hanging out with the wrong crowd and getting involved with drugs and such as I felt very lost and I wanted to find somewhere where I could belong and I thought drugs could do that for me..But they only did for a short time. I met my current best friend who I believe is my twin flame, we were both at the start of our spiritual awakening and meeting each other.

At that time was a truly a blessing for the both of us.

I had also began working with childhood trauma. I had very deep set abandonment issues. I suddenly had an aversion to junk food which I ate all the time before this happened. I began communicating with angels, tarot also had a very special hold on me, I also became deeply infatuated with crystals. My best friend also asked me to conduct some crystal healing on her sore stomach and much to my disbelief in my abilities... it worked! I was shocked and I also had a lot more faith in my abilities after that. I began to teach myself to see auras also. One year on and I have a whole lifetime of growth to go and it is all very exciting!


  • Please do not doubt your self!
  • Make sure you make time for yourself
  • A creative outlet always helps.
  • Talk to another individual who isn't going to look at you sideways, hahaha
  • Love.

The Light is Within Us
by EllaFlow

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I share love and light everyday. I try to make this world a little better and help people. It's the only thing that makes sense to me. People come naturally to me and open themselves up. This is why I am here.

About My Light Path - As a kid, I was always very sensitive. I could feel things others couldn't. I could sometimes hear stuff others couldn't, and it freaked me out (and probably other people as well). Some individuals have told me I was ''weak'' because I was so emotional. Loud noises, strong smells and certain situations could overwhelm me really quick. I have always cried a lot either it was because I was happy, sad, stressed or angry. It was very hard for me to deal with my emotions, as if they were more intense than most people.

My grandmother introduced me to Reiki when I was about 10 years old, and I unconsciously or not, decided not to follow with it.

I was very unstable from the age of 13-18. Depression, general anxiety and other health problems occurred. NOTHING made sense to me. I felt like I did not belong here and sometimes didn't even feel like I was from here! It scared me so much, so I tried to repress it and ignore it. It made it worst.

One day, I had a spiritual experience. I did some psychedelics and it changed me. I became closer to Myself, and everything became clearer. I understood that I was here to help others and share the light. I realized I was an empath, and Highly Sensitive Person.

I now take time for myself, to be able to reenergize and then share the energy better. I spend a lot of time meditating, outside, drawing, painting, listening to calm music, doing yoga and hula hooping and I have never felt so good in my entire life. I feel like I have found balance and harmony in my life.

I started practicing Reiki on myself again. I have been able to see so much stuff. I see so much light again. So much energy that flows through me again. It`s amazing!!!! I started practicing on other people and on animals (not doing so well). I would like to get more advanced and take a level II Reiki attunement.

Want to Become an Advocate for Abused Children
by Pretty Smart Woman

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I have been given the responsibility to make a difference in the world by using my own pain I suffered as a child of a very sick mother, a survivor of child abuse, domestic abuse, and rape to help bring other souls who have been disrespected and treated with abuse to some peace. I unfortunately have a big gift for reading people's guilt, especially people who hurt children. I have received massive information which I now have to make public about several criminal cases involving abuse towards women, children, and animals. I received all this information from the ether. I am ready to share it through my work.

About My Light Path - I am a writer, producer, director, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. I am a Disney Writing Fellow, Fox fellow, CBS Fellow, NBC Fellow, Truman Scholar, Kaltenborn Scholar, Benenson Scholar, New York Foundation for the Arts artist, New York Medical College Scholar, graduate of Bronx High School of Science, Duke, Oxford, Harvard, Michigan State and UCLA.

I am going to train as a Forensic Psychologist to help save children.


  • Live authentically.
  • Be honest, loving, generous, truthful, kind and gracious even if no one understands what you are doing or what love is.

Making People Smile
by Marianne

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - For years, I have felt a drive to be different. To be a good person in the face of cruelty or malice. Lightworkers generally are concerned with Mother Earth and Humankind over all. From a young age, I was always dazzled by the idea of being a healer... someone to heal others (not just physically but in other ways), and simply helping Humankind along their path. Helping others, and seeing them smile is a very beautiful thing. Knowing that you can bring a smile to the face of a crestfallen person is the best feeling in the world.

About My Light Path - As a Lightworker, my purpose is for helping Human beings to awaken to the idea of a higher self, to spread awareness of the positive forces that exist inside of each of us, and for the healing of Humans to happen. Every Human being deserves to be happy, and everyone reserves that right. Now when I say that I am a healer, I do not mean in the physical sense. I am the sort of person who likes to heal the heart of another. Causing happiness in someone's life. Even if it is a minute-long smile, a laugh, or just a good experience, I enjoy seeing others enjoy life. It's a beautiful thing. Secondly, I like to bring awareness to Human beings that there is more than one way to God, and furthermore, we are all part of God. All Human beings are equal to one another, because we are all interlinked with one another. We also are powerful, and the worst thing that we can do is refute our power. Third of all, I am a writer. I've been holding a pen since I could grip one in my childhood years, and I've always felt a drive to write. Through writing, I like to bring awareness to the positive spectrum that exists within a Human being. I like to highlight issues and bring awareness to them. Not the problems of issues... but the solutions of issues. It is when I am writing down important thoughts or just writing in general, that I feel like I am using my Lightworker assets the most.

I first discovered that I was a Lightworker when I was younger when a woman approached me and told me that I was a healer. At the time, I giggled at that and thought it to be ridiculous. "Me? A healer?" I thought, finding it hard to not roll my eyes. Well that was through the eyes of a teenager. At this older age, I feel how interconnected we all are and with age, I feel like my awareness of the world is broadening. Furthermore, as a child, I sort of always knew I was a bit on the different side. I am the sort of personality to see, smile, and laugh. To enjoy life. As the French say: La joie de vivre. The joy of life. As you read this, remember, you should enjoy life too. :)


  • "Have a good connection to the Angels, Fairies, and to the Elemental Kingdom, because they can help us in ways that we cannot even imagine."
  • "It is better to see the opportunity in every problem rather than the problem in every opportunity."
  • "Know that you are a beautiful person, inside and out. You are like a beacon of light, and you shine that light out into the world."
  • "People may knock you down, but it's your job to get back up, and push forward."
  • "God is a Diamond. Just as a diamond has many facets, so does have many faces. We are all part of God, as God is part of us. It is divine energy."

Clairsentient Lightworker
by Rachel

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I'm a healer. I have clairsentience, and inner knowing. I'm very sensitive, and have good intuition. Caring for people is one of my best talents and for animals. Ever since I remember i have wanted to help people and animals, even if i didn't know them the thought of them feeling lonely or in need of a friend has always been significant to me. Since a child I felt different. I never saw the bad in anyone, always find the good. I feel my life is to help them be more spiritual and understand our meaning here. I realized I'm a lightworker through seeing the word somewhere not long ago. I thought that sounds like me, also I've often felt I don't belong here. Luckily since the past two years I feel happy and positive after a period of depression also have found a job I love.

About My Light Path - I work in a home with dementia patients. My life has changed since I started this work. I feel I'm helping them, and I have a purpose. Also anywhere I come across people, even in a supermarket, they often tell me things. I don't even know them. it is strange really. I still feel I would like to help more in the world just not sure what else but I'm searching. I do healing and basically I'm there for anyone who needs a friend or an ear. I'm happy when they get on their feet and feel better. I have good intuition so I feel who is genuine, etc., I want peace in the world and hope to spread a lot of love and light.

Spreading the Light
by Getreal

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I never knew what a lightworker was but I believe I am one now that I read about it. The thing I always hear from people is: I feel so much better when I talk to you about a certain problem, etc. In fact, just the sound of your voice is calming and makes me feel better. I was always puzzled by this but now I realize I am a lightworker.

About My Light Path - I am a person who is always open to different spiritual paths of reasoning. I think people feel my peace and respond with wanting to be near, wanting to converse, wanting advice. Sometimes it does get heavy on me and I have to move away for a bit. It is a strange thing but I do feel it has to do with spreading the light.

Purposeful Life
by Anneke

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - Looking back at the last 10 years of my life I can tell that I have been driven into a direction in life. This direction has over these years become clearer and clearer through the books I get to read, the people I meet and the things I do lately. I am driven to change people's thoughts on beliefs. Believing in their own power and that of the universe they are part of. I also realise that for some people it may never happen and that is very sad. Some people open up to the knowledge immediately, Other people take a bit longer and some people just don't understand or make fun of it.

About My Light Path - My purpose as a Lightworker is to get people to respect each other more. To respect earth more and to get to understand that we are all connected. That we have the power in ourselves to save the earth and that we must just learn to discover this wonderful power. I have been working on this everyday. I also maintain a blog where I daily place articles and always try to explain it as to children and to make it as clear as possible.

I discovered my light path through discovering that I am different than most people. That I understand things differently and I knew in my heart and soul that I am just a vehicle for a great purpose. I have recently also discovered that I can manifest things to happen or to appear but just if it benefits other people.


  • Know that everything you learn along the way is for a purpose.
  • Know that you are part of this universe, connect with yourself as much as possible.
  • Listen to the inner voice.

Many Paths to Enlightenment
by lizard7

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I have been on a spiritual path for many years. As I educate myself and grow I find that people appear that are yearning for the same information. I enjoy sharing what I have learned and what works for me. If it is useful to them we may continue together, if it doesn't resonate with them then I encourage them to find what does. There are many paths to enlightenment.

About My Light Path - I work everyday to raise my vibration and assist others in raising theirs. I share this by giving of myself, through Deeksha, and by giving Therapeutic Touch and by sharing with others. I am continually learning new things that will feed the mind, body and spirit. I believe that by freely giving these blessing, the whole planet benefits.

I See Auras
by krichia

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - Unlike a lot of other lightworkers, I didn't innately have any kind of special, spiritual ability when I was growing up. In fact, (aside from angels), I didn’t experience anything of the sort until I was almost eighteen years old. It’s too long of a story to explain here, but, in a nutshell, I made a decision one night that I was going to learn to see auras. I spent the entire night researching and practicing “seeing” it.

To this day, I still can’t believe that I accomplished it; but once I broke that barrier that’d been up, I was suddenly exposed to all the wonder there is.

About My Light Path - I have three very important missions, or life purposes, that I know of at this point. I am a natural teacher and leader, and I'm working toward a high school teaching degree right now. Teaching and working with teenagers is my first life purpose.

It took me a long time to understand how spiritually and my life purpose were tied (my angels INSISTED they were, but I never believed them.)

Once I discovered that my second one was to teach people to see, I realized that I'd already been doing that! I always manage to bump into someone random, and somehow end up teaching them to see, as I had taught myself.

The final purpose that I know about is my future children. I discovered this through hypnosis: my future babies are somehow essential (I have no idea why, in the grand scheme of things). Basically, it is a purpose of mine to birth them, so that they can fulfill their mission. :)


  • ANYONE can learn how to connect with the spiritual realm, even if there's no indication that they have a connection at all.
  • Use your thoughts to map out how you want your life to be. The mind is so powerful. If you are unhappy, or want something in your life to change, then do it! Just as I DECIDED I was going to see my aura. :)
  • Talk to your angels. This is what I feel the strongest about, because I've seen lives change drastically for the better, simply because they started asking their angels for help (or whatever else they wanted!)

I Know I Am Different
by Jessika

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker  - Even though I was adopted from birth I have never felt at home. My adoptive parents are wonderful and have given me a great life. From a young age I felt connected to animals so strongly that I could sense their emotions and feel them as my own. I felt closer to them than any person. I love animals and understand them, but I understand people also. I can feel others emotions when they are around me. Sometimes it will change my mood from being fine to what theirs is and I don't like that, and often I will have to take breaks from friends because I feel like they suck me dry. I know I am different and always have been.

About My Light Path - I discovered I was a healer when I went to my local pagan supply store to get more supplies and the guy behind the counter told me I was a healer. I told him I was a medical assistant because I didn't understand. Later on I had been feeling like I wasn't normal, like my whole life. I read a witchcraft book and thought I might be part fairy. Yeah. laugh it up... later on, on Facebook I read about light workers and everything hit to home and made me cry. From then on and when I started to physically heal others is when I knew.

Seeker Believes Peace on Earth is Coming
by Blue Star

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - In 1999 I had a 4 hour mystical experience. God told me many things that blew my mind. I equate the experience to a quart jar getting a gallon's worth of water. I have recently described it as God putting me up on His shoulders and allowing me to see reality in a vastly different way than I had ever imagined it. Then He set me back down and I must try to climb and walk my way to the future He showed me was possible.

Since that time I have had some very unusual experiences: it's like I am on a path being led to an unknown destination. It's an adventure!

About My Light Path - A long time ago I wrote a story and titled it Blue Star. It was about a girl with superpowers who discovered her powers. Later I began to see I had connections to the Mayans, Blue Star, and ascension. I saw a touching video on youtube: human angels or angelic humans by humanity healing. I am the only person I know who feels like it is talking about me.

What I feel I am here to do is help people dream the impossible dream. To help them see that what they really want, deep inside, can become a reality. If you are interested- Google the site:

I love art, psychology, spiritual stuff, and so much more. I seek. I make the future happen the way I want. I am prophetic sometimes. I know things without knowing how I know them. I have inner vision though not on my command, it happens spontaneously. I seem to have some medium abilities.

Lightworker Pays it Forward
by Rudy A Garcia

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I went through unresolved child abuse and neglect for fifty years. Coped with art as a kid and alcohol age 9-32. Became a substance abuse counselor after I sobered up and did such for twenty years. At the same time I embarked on emotional wellness and trauma resolution. Lived a wrecked life, failed relationships. Creativity stayed with me. It showed itself over and over in life in spite of living a life in turmoil. I am introverted, intuitive, spiritual and resilient. Was re-traumatized twenty-eight months ago when I found my wife hanging in the closet. I did EMDR therapy. It healed both. I transformed. I now spread peace, joy, and happiness with LOVE.

About My Light Path - To help heal people. I learned long ago that I get to keep what I have by giving it away. I help people on Facebook and in my suicide survivors support group. I pay it forward. I reach out to help mankind. Discovered my light path by having lived it. Went by my intuition. I took the body and the mind followed. I cannot think my way into good living. I have to live my way into good thinking. I practice what I preach. have genuineness and humanness skills. I use kindness in my work with people.


  • Teach what you need to learn.
  • Practice what you preach.
  • Do onto others as you would want done onto others.
  • Do not abuse, neglect nor exploit.
  • I've had to unlearn old more than learn new.
  • Self-disclosure leads to self-acceptance.
  • I'm as strong as my weakest link (s).
  • Be honest, open-minded, and willing.

Keep it Simple
by Suzy Quasar

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker = My saying in this life has been and is 'keep it simple. it's all about love'. My core belief is that In this dimension that pure love is IT. Gratitude for what we are experiencing now. I don't know what I am, but feel as if I'm just waking up and seeing things. I have been seeing repeating #'s and have been drawn back time and again lately to Angel and Lightworker information. I have always innately set intentions of love and light spreading from life to life and it always made me feel good to do that. I haven't felt at home here. Always a bit out of place. I was completely drained until I was physically sick.

About My Light Path - My physical body forced me to stop because I wasn't listening. I was completely shut down in every way. I hid more and more from people. Very recently things have shifted.I am shedding what has been dragging me under. I have a sense that things will be okay and I don't quite know why. Everything is changing and where fear would have kept me in situations. I am jumping off the cliff and knowing that right now I am okay. I need to do things differently. I don't know how I will yet, but just know that I want and need to.

I want to be a light and bring joy to others. That is always what has made me feel best. I started asking for freedom and joy and happiness and peace for myself. I'm starting to find it again, and now that I am finding that again, I feel I want to again share it with others. My body has forced me to slow down and live. I wasn't listening or felt I deserved to be happy. We all deserve that. I feel a shift in the world and I feel more people wanted peace and happiness and feel that we seems to realizing that it's simplicity that brings that true joy. Love, gratitude, respect and honor.

It's time to take things into our own hands and make the changes in our own world and set the intentions to spread that light everywhere. I need help to learn more and am going to keep looking to see where things take me.


  • Ask for help
  • Breathe
  • Meditate and have quiet time to connect with yourself and others.
  • Be aware of the present by stopping and just listening to sounds around you if only for a moment in the day.
  • In times of negativity, think of things that you feel are blessings and create a feeling of gratitude instead.
  • Pull Angel cards and ask for help in keeping yourself strong and free from fear.
  • Burn sage and say out loud that you want fear and negativity and doubt to leave and be replaced with love and peace and joy.
  • Know you are loved and will be okay.

I Am a Loner
by lindelwe

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I am a loner, feel different with peculiar likes. Eager to be of help and giving support. Like to teach. I have also gone through a lot in the past twenty years and learned a lot. I feel I don't have much time left. And, yet I'm still left with so much to do. I have just discovered numerology and wish to study metaphysics. My maternal relative introduced me to candles and also believes in angels. I love being in the presence and being aware. To learn that I'm not alone is a relief.

About My Light Path - To teach and help people discover their life purpose in order to prosper and be fulfilled. I am a multi-talented person. I specialise in career guidance and serve in a ministry. I did not discover my light path, I inherited it. As it has unfolded over the years it became apparent after having undergone my right of passage ritual. A night after the ritual I had a dream where I was dressed in blue and white.robe carrying a long staff. I underwent a lot of turmoil. After that I began to think differently and constructively. For the first time after a long time I began to feel better after having experienced physical and emotional pain.

Lightworker Mediator
by Yogi88

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I have always been a lightworker, as most of you reading this are as well. The world is filled to the brim with us. We care about one another and apparently go above and beyond to help strangers in need. The only reason we (all of us) feel alone, and like we don't belong, is because we are not the kind of people that are portrayed on television. Stop believing the lies the media tells us about ourselves, and know that humanity is essentially good! Stop paying these hucksters to tell you what you want to hear, and just be YOU! Stop being afraid.

About My Light Path - I have always been a little more empathic than my friends, but that does not make my friends malicious just because they do not share the deeper understanding of what is motivating someone else. They simply do not read people as easily as I do. It is the very reason that I often find myself mediating. Both parties generally trust me to explain their point of view nearly perfectly to the other. There is generally no evil intentions, even though there is often anger and resentment.

Humanity is not what we are constantly, and I mean every waking minute of the day, told that we are. You wake up in the morning, and there on the front page of the newspaper is an example of ONE person perhaps doing something horrific or even just mean. The details that are presented are carefully arranged to SELL you that newspaper, and grab your astonished brains attention... why?? Because the media knows that you are GOOD. They want to sell newspapers, and don't care if they get all the facts, so long as the ones they do have are attention grabbing. There is another small but very important part to this. This ONE person who did SOMETHING, is on average .0000001% of the population of your country. But that is all you will think about and talk about and hear about on the radio... till tomorrow when another person might do something mean in a weak moment.

Stop paying for lies, and stop falling for all this new age crap. Have you noticed how God and his angels only talk through people who charge exorbitant fees for workshops or readings? Don't you think if God had something to say to you personally he would, and that he wouldn't ask you for 100 bucks? He gave you all the knowledge you need when he gave you a conscience and the ability to know right from wrong.


  • Plant and care for a vegetable garden.
  • Pills are poison.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Talk to strangers.
  • Love your neighbour (you don't have to like him or agree with him).
  • Go outside more often even if you are still sitting when you are out there.
  • Throw your television away (ya it's tough, still trying myself).
  • Campfires are the best meditation.
  • Annoyance is usually directed at self (you are annoyed by what you personally have difficulty overcoming, or see as a fault in you subconsciously).
  • Secrets shorten lifespans :)
  • Authority is often naught but the will of the tyrant.

Lightworker Chef in the Making
by Scottish Goddess

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I always thought I was just weird.  I'm young, only twenty. But through everything I have suffered (and yes, it has been more than most twenty-year-old Americans), there was always something there, hiding. I always feel an all-over tingling when in a stressful situation. I thought it was my natural energy. According to many healers, I register almost radioactive on the energy scale. I'm still a little disgruntled by the fact I may be a walk-in. I see things, hear things, and feel things that others don't. Sometimes, I don't understand it, but I just KNOW things.

About My Light Path - I remind people what it is they truly want from life. Obviously, there's not exactly a career to match that, and again, I'm only 20. I plan to be a chef, so I can bring pleasure and light to people through my food. I was always 'into' cooking, I even begged my mother for years for an easy-bake oven, then once I actually tasted what came out of it, I threw the mixes out and came up with my own. I can't remember who said this: "One half of a chef's tool kit is his confidence. The rest is just mechanics." My food tells me when it is perfect. I just listen. With an occasional touch of really bad opera.

Tingling Sensation Makes Sense Now
by Victoria Sedonia Gubrud

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I have always believed I am something extra special, and I've been searching for the answer for most of my life. I believe I may have found the answer in the description of a lightworker. I was browsing through this site, when I came across the quiz, I felt a strange pull towards the word lightworker. So, being me, my curiosity took over and I decided to take the quiz. my result? 10 out of 10. I was shocked at first but then realized it all made sense, The tingling sensations I can create, my ability to communicate with nature electrically, my love for helping others, and psychic ability. it all makes sense now.

About My Light Path - I have just now discovered that I am a lightworker, and I believe my purpose is to help others improve upon themselves, and make themselves better, as well as opening their eyes to the spiritual side of life, and bringing about their childish nature that was lost when they grew up. I'm not sure about this purpose. If any other lightworkers could help me discover my path, I would be very grateful.

Spiritual Awakening
by Mark

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I came to realize that I possibly could be a lightworker several months ago although I wasn't really familiar with the term at the time.

I had what would be described as a spiritual awakening and gained a entirely new sense of purpose.

About My Light Path - My purpose is empathy, emotional healing. and listening. As a man, these traits fascinate me and for a long time, I never understood where they came from. I plan to use these skills in the realm of substance abuse counseling when I am finally liscensed. Before my spiritual awakening, I would of never thought about counseling. Now, it's so strong within me and will not let go, lol. I've always felt different. I've always struggled to affiliate with society in some fashion and not because I don't love people. I am definitely a lightworker.

11:11 Lightworker
by Arie

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - My Journey to discovering I Am a Lightworker began began one night when I accompanied my mother and her friend to the airport. As I was waiting in the car, SOMETHING (which now I understand was my intuition at the time) told me (more like an URGE) to check the time, so I checked my iPhone and the time was exactly 11:11pm. Strangely, this feeling came over me, and I felt URGED to Google the time 11:11, so I DID!

The first site I came across explained that I AM A LIGHTWORKER

And till this very day (this happened a year ago) I See the # 11 EVERYWHERE, mostly on License plates, but 11 often catches my attention.

About My Light Path - I have never been a very sociable individual, but I've recently discovered that I have such passion for sharing my knowledge with others, showing them that life is so MAGICAL and WONDERFUL if only you will forget about "THE WORLD".

I truly bring myself joy whenever I share TRUTH with my fellow beings, and honestly since discovering I am a lightworker and HAVE EMBRACED IT (please don't run from it) . My life HAS CHANGED FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL!

I say ALL because When I GIVE MYSELF the life of my dreams, and share "the secret" with everyone who wants to hear it, I "LEAD BY EXAMPLE" I show everyone how they can LIVE their perfect life, free of worries, doubt, free, and full of LOVE, Light, and Abundance of everything!

It's VERY IMPORTANT for YOU to UNDERSTAND that YOU (MUST) LOVE yourself FIRST, don't get into ANY RELATIONSHIP (Partnership, friendship) EXPECTING that Person to MAKE YOU HAPPY or LOVE YOU!

**YOU ARE the [ONLY] person on this earth who can MAKE ""YOU"" HAPPY**

EVERY and any time we get into/long for a relationship we always expect that person to: Make us happy, know automatically what we are wanting/ thinking, to everything we tell them to do THE EXACT WAY WE WANT THEM TO DO IT!

Notice how EVERY TIME we've ever relied on others to make us happy, or show us our own beauty/ worth THEY ALWAYS FAIL US!!!!!!!!! This is because ONLY WE ARE IN CHARGE OF MAKING OURSELVES HAPPY!!!!!! Think about this seriously .

THE SOLUTION TO ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS IS THIS: Love Yourself First, really build a solid relationship with YOURSELF, learn who you are, what do you like? what brings you happiness? WHAT ARE YOU DREAMS?

We spend TOO much time thinking of the wrong things! When you ask the time to get to know who you are and what you life, and where you want to go.... you can THEN do the following with EASE:

1. Act on everything based on WHERE YOU ARE GOING IN LIFE (where you want to go, who you want to: be, do, or have)

2. Figure out what you're passionate about (start with LIFE) and what moves, motivates, and excites you.

Once you begin to TRULY love yourself, then THE WORLD WILL LOVE YOU!


One Lightworker Among Many
by jstknow

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - Where do I start? I never felt I belonged here. I've always been extremely sensitive to others feelings, etc. I know what people are thinking and feeling just being around them for a few seconds. My problem is: Am I just extremely intuitive? Or, am I possibly a lightworker? I know through the years I've been told by people that I was 'too' cheerful, that many couldn't understand how I could feel so much joy for the earth, its beauty, down to the littlest flower on the ground. How I am so curious about everything.

About My Light Path - I am not involved in a physical healing career, but I am a listener. If others ask questions from me I just quickly start telling them things that many have said changed their life. When I talk to them I don't always remember everything I said but they'll say I was accurate. This might sound weird but when people have been upset in the past I felt like if I just put my hand on their head and say a prayer it could heal them. I have felt this way since I can remember, about age 3. I feel like I just want everyone to be happy and healthy, with unconditional love. People tell me that is "wishful thinking."

Don't get me wrong, I do not live in a bubble. I have had a very hard life, and made tons of mistakes! But even as I get older the 'core' of who I am hasn't changed. I've also had a near death experience years ago, but I was like this before that happened. Anything spiritual, I study it. I feel like I am always searching for people who are 'like me.' I have brief moments of meeting others who believe and feel like I do, but then they're gone. I would love to meet someone now who has had a similar life like mine and feels like I do. Just so I know I am not alone on this.

As for 'when I discovered my light path' I feel I am still discovering and that's what this is all about. But helping others along the way to come onto this path. Like an "Earth Guide" for the ones off the beaten path. If there were no lightworkers out there I believe more people would feel lost and that is not why we are here. We just have to keep helping each other, learning and growing.


  • Number one. Do not give up!
  • We are all here for a reason and even if you feel alone in your beliefs or feelings just know that you are not.
  • Let the negative energies bounce off you. You have no idea how strong you are.
  • Meditate to connect.
  • Lightworkers are so needed especially now. Our spirits are vibrating faster and this has been coming on for years. If you might have noticed everyone running around like they are going to a fire. There IS a reason for this! But many don't know why this is happening. Our physical bodies are trying to adjust to our spirits' faster energy. So, people more than ever need Lightworkers.

Quiet Little Helper
by Michelle

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I was working one day and the word LIGHTWORKER kept showing it self to me quietly in my mind. It wouldn't leave me alone and so when I got home that day I looked up "What is a lightworker?" I could not believe what I was reading, it described me down to a tee. I feel upset and can't watch the news because of all the hurt and destruction around the world. I can walk into a room or meet people and instantly know all about them, I know their moods and feel very drained a lot when constantly around people. When people tell me their pain I feel it to and want to help them, and need a lot of alone time to recharge.

About My Light Path - I have only just become aware that I am a lightworker, and now I understand why I say and do things. I feel that my path is a one-on-one path. Sometimes I will tell people what I believe and I know beforehand if they can accept it or not . . if they are open to it. Some people feel drawn to me and ask questions of their own. The joy and peace I see in them when we have been talking is amazing. It makes my heart swell with joy. They keep coming back to me and wanting to talk more about it. I am not meant to make big things happen just one at a time. I always used to say that I had twice as much compassion but I never knew till now just how right I was.

I am still unsure at this moment in time about how or what I should do to fully do my work here. But I ask for help and guidance everyday and they are so good at putting answers right in front of my face so I don't miss them, I know that I will understand how to move forward when the time is right.


  • Don't be scared of who you are. Ask for guidance, you have such a big support network behind and they are there to help you do you work here.
  • Trust your intuition
  • Remember to be humble in your knowledge of who you truly are.
  • Simply love.

11:11 Lightworker
by Nivia

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - Ever since I was little I noticed a strange significance about me. It sprouted around age 10. I suddenly had a strong fascination in healing powers and to assist the dead. I felt a strong connection to God, and my parents never went to church and had mild beliefs. Every time I look at the sky, I feel as though that's where I should go. Then it came together when I researched why I suddenly saw 11:11 every day, each night. I did my research and there it was, my exact ways explained. Every time I dreamed, they were strong and beautiful. They left me pacing and pondering. I talk to God every day, and he always responds.

About My Light Path - As a lightworker I always seem to make people feel better. To make them laugh when they cry. When a friend or stranger cries, I immediately run to them, enemy or not, and help cheer them up. I'm the sunlight in the dark sky. People always seem to come to me first, whether I'm their best friend or not, with there issues. I feel my path is not to physically heal, but to heal the mind. I always seem to know what to say.


  • Don't be afraid to use your ability.
  • Discover your path my realizing what you seem to feel to do a lot. It's in you.
  • Always ask God for help to find your path. I ask for a dream to understand, and he answers me. As lightworkers we have special connections with it.

What We Give, We Get Back
by Rhonda Braswell

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker - I am a Reiki Master, Therapeutic Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher.

My Indian background shows through my work, I love the connection of opening the vessel I call it, to the source. I could go on and on, but I am known for my work, BUT.. I must say I have to work in the back, so to speak. It's a small $$ Lake area.

About My Light Path - My path is more and more with animals, I am a Wildlife Rehabilitator (Special Permit)

My passion for the things that are wild, and my connection. I want to work with conservation of the Planet and animals more. And still do my healing.


  • Breathe.
  • Know how very important WORDS are, watch how we use them. HOW you say them.
  • What we give, we get back!
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