Linda Napikoski

Linda Napikoski is a writer with experience in journalism, law, literature, teaching and grassroots politics. She has examined women's literature, feminism and the legal issues surrounding gender in both academic settings and "real world" activism.


Linda has worked on human rights and women's rights issues with many non-profit organizations, including AIDS Action, Amnesty International and WAND(Women's Action for New Directions). She has also been involved with theatrical and film productions about human rights defenders worldwide. She has worked in newspaper and radio journalism, covering government, business, and travel. Linda earned a B.A. in Print Journalism and American Literature from the University of Southern California and a J.D., International Law, from Hofstra University School of Law. Her undergraduate projects covered issues from feminist poetry to wedding traditions in world religions. During law school, she participated in the Gender, Law & Policy Colloquium and worked as a research assistant to a professor who wrote innovative articles about the intersection of law, race, class and gender. Linda writes both fiction and non-fiction and blogs about a variety of issues at Linda Without Borders.

Linda Napikoski

My first experiment with feminism was when I stopped shaving my legs for eight months during high school. Intrigued by the response from my peers, I have continued exploring women's issues ever since. I have also learned that whether or not a woman shaves her legs has little to do with whether she is a feminist. The women's movement of the 1960s and 1970s was essentially a non-violent revolution; like most revolutions it is misunderstood, and its effects are still being realized. As a writer and activist, I am always looking for new prisms through which to examine society and the evolving story of feminism.

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