How to Add Photos to a Google Website

Quickly and easily add photos to your website

If you have a Google Site for personal or business use, it's easy to add photos, photo galleries, and slideshows to make the site more visually appealing. In this guide we'll tell you how.

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  1. Decide where on the page you want your photos to appear. Click that part of the page.

  2. Select the Edit icon, which looks like a pencil.

    If you're setting up your site for the first time, you'll go straight to the Edit page.

  3. From the Insert menu, select Image.

    The Images item under the Insert menu in Google Sites
  4. Now you can choose the source of your photos. If they are on your computer, select Upload images. A navigation box will pop up and you can find the image you want.

    The Upload command in the Insert Image menu
  5. Once you have inserted the image, you can change its size or position.

Adding Photos From Google Photos

Photos that were uploaded to outdated Google domains, such as Picasa or Google+, were transitioned to Google Photos. Albums you created should still be available for you to use.

Log into your Google account and select Photos. See what's available for photos and albums. You can upload more photos and create albums, animation, and collages.

To insert a single photo, you can find its URL by selecting that photo in Google Photos, selecting the Share icon, then selecting Get link. The link will be created and you can copy and paste it into the URL box when inserting images on your Google Site.

To insert an album, select Albums in Google Photos and find the album you want to insert. Select ​the Share option, then select Get link. A URL will be created that you can use to copy and paste into the URL box when inserting images on your Google site.

Add Flickr Images and Slideshows to Your Google Webpage

You can embed single images or slideshows into a Google webpage.

  1. Go to your Flickr account and find the image you want to embed.

  2. Click the Share button.

    The Share button on Flickr
  3. Copy the share URL.

    The share URL on Flickr
  4. On your Google page, open Insert > Images > Select and paste this address into the By URL tab.

Using Flickr Slideshow

You can use the website to easily create a custom Flickr photo slideshow. Just enter the web address of your Flickr user page or of a photo set to get the HTML code you will use to embed in your webpage. You can add tags and set the width and height for your slideshow. In order to work, the album has to be open to the public.

Adding Flickr Galleries Using a Gadget or Widget

You can also use a third-party gadget such as the Flickr Gallery Widget to add a gallery or slideshow to your Google Site. These options may include a fee for the third party. You would add them from the Insert menu, followed by the More gadgets link. Paste in the URL of the gallery you have created with the widget.

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