Lisa Marder
Lisa Marder. Lisa Marder

Lisa Marder is a painter, writer, photographer, and teacher. She is primarily a landscape painter, but has also painted and taught a number of different genres in a variety of media, including watercolor, oil paint, acrylic paint, pastel, ink, water-soluble media, and digital. 

Lisa wrote for's painting site from 2014 to 2016 and continues to enjoy writing about art, painting, and more. She has a website for her paintings where you can see her work and keep up with her writing, activities, and exhibitions.


Lisa has been painting and teaching art for over twenty years. She was a teaching assistant and studio instructor in the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University while practicing landscape design. Since then she has taught drawing, painting, and photography in high school and at a regional art center. Her award-winning work is very much influenced by the beauty of the New England landscape and can be found in both private and corporate collections.


Lisa graduated from Williams College with a degree in Biology and a concentration in Environmental Studies. She then attended Harvard Graduate School of Design from which she received a Master of Landscape Architecture degree.  While there she took undergraduate courses in drawing and painting which reignited her lifelong love of making art. 

Lisa Marder

I have always been fascinated by how we perceive things, and delighted by the challenge and magic of transposing those images onto a two-dimensional surface. Although I have loved to draw and paint since early childhood, I was attracted to the study of biology and environmental studies as a college student. Landscape architecture seemed to be a natural fit for combining my interests, but soon the joy of rendering landscapes and the appreciation of beauty even in undesigned landscapes prevailed and I devoted myself to painting.  I feel like I have come full circle, for biology and art have more similarity than one might think - both require using one's powers of observation while asking questions and experimenting with methods and materials. I am thrilled to be able to do this with paint.

I have enjoyed getting to know my readers and can still be reached at with any art-related questions or thoughts. I will do my best to respond to you in a timely way and appreciate you reading my articles.

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