Lisa Vox

Lisa Vox holds a Doctor of Philosophy in history with a specialty in U.S. history. She has taught college-level classes as well as published book reviews and encyclopedia articles on American history topics.


Lisa has taught general U.S. history as well as environmental history with an emphasis on race-related issues at Boston- and Atlanta-area colleges and universities, including Emory University, Spelman College, Morehouse College, Lesley University and the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Her encyclopedia articles and book reviews are on a range of topics, including African-American history and religious history.


Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts from Rhodes College and holds a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy in history from Emory University.

Lisa Vox

I became fascinated with history in college when I realized history was not simply a collection of facts and dates. The stories of the past have much to teach us: Why have our lives unfolded in certain ways? How can we as individuals and communities learn from previous mistakes while celebrating past accomplishments? Understanding the story of the United States is impossible without understanding African-American history. Join me as we explore the triumphs, struggles and contributions of African Americans over the last 400 years.

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