List of Business or Professional Office Software and Apps

Productivity Solutions for Organizations, Managers, Teams, and More

The productivity suite you choose can certainly affect your business or organization. To begin, I suggest the somewhat obvious but necessary step of assessing the goals or needs of your business.

How to Choose Office Software by Looking to Your Business Plan

Once you have an idea of what your business needs, this list of Office Software Suites and Apps for Business is a quick way to match available tools with desktop and mobile apps for your team.

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010
Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010. (c) Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft Office Home & Business typically adds on an additional program or two beyond what you get in Microsoft Office Home & Student (for example, in Office 2010, Office Home & Business gives you the Outlook email application).

This represents a mid-point between home users and those larger organizations that might opt instead for the Office Professional version. In that sense, you can think of Office Home & Business as the solution for small business users.

The latest Office includes this version. More »

Microsoft Office Professional 2010
Microsoft Office Professional 2010. (c) Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft Office is offered in a professional version that gives organizations more communication and design tools for the types of projects you might have on your plate.

It costs more than Office Home and Business because of its expanded tools and functionality. One option for the cost-conscious organization would be to have this version on only those workstations that truly need the extra programs.

Looking for the latest Office? Check out: Office Professional 2013. More »

Office 365
Office 365. (c) Courtesy of Microsoft

Office 365 is a cloud solution for individuals or businesses depending on which plan is chosen. Those plans make it possible to find a business solution whether you are a sole proprietorship, small business, or large enterprise.

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Google Apps Logo
Google Apps Logo. (c) Courtesy of Google

Another web-based productivity solution for the cloud is Google Apps for Business. This was once available in a free version for small businesses with ten employees or less but Google has since streamlined the offerings. Now all business customers filter into the same app product and only decide on whether to include the Google Vault security feature. More »

Celframe Office Small Business

Programs in Celframe Office 2008
Programs in Celframe Office 2008. (c) Courtesy of Celframe

Celframe Office Small Business edition is the version of this suite intended for those who want a little more functionality than home editions, but do not need extras that come in the Professional version.

Celframe Business Solutions Screen Saver
Celframe Business Solutions Screen Saver. (c) Courtesy of Celframe

Celframe offers many versions of its internationally-popular Celframe Office suite.

Larger Businesses may also be interested in the Customer Relationship Management product known as Celframe CRM or the Celframe Business Solutions products in addition to the Small Business and Professional versions of Celframe Office. More »

WordPerfect Office X6 Professional
WordPerfect Office X6 Professional. (c) Courtesy of Corel

The focus of Corel's professional version as part of the latest WordPerfect Office is added collaboration and document tools, including some PDF features. This version is intended for business "power users", according to the company's site. WordPerfect Office X6 has the option for an ebook publishing add-on.

As you continue looking into business software for your organization, you may also want to check those versions not specifically designated as such. Here is a great place to start looking in other categories: Office Software by Version Type. More »