List of Classroom Jobs for the Elementary School Classroom

From Pencil Sharpener to Door Monitor, Teach Your Students Responsibility

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Is it really necessary for students to have classroom jobs? Well, let's first take a look at what the main purpose of classroom jobs are. The primary purpose is to teach children a little bit of responsibility. Children as young as five can learn how to clean out their desk, wash the chalkboard, feed the class pet, and so on. It also helps keep your classroom running smoothly, and not to mention give you a break from doing all of the chores yourself.


Combined with an official Classroom Job Application, this list of possible jobs will help you design a classroom job program that teaches your young students how to be responsible for themselves.

  40 Ideas for Classroom Jobs

  1. Pencil Sharpener - makes sure the class always has a supply of sharpened pencils
  2. Paper Monitor - passes papers back to students
  3. Chair Stacker - in charge of stacking the chairs at the end of the day
  4. Door Monitor - opens and closes the door as class comes and goes
  5. Chalkboard/Overhead Eraser - erases at end of the day
  6. Librarian - in charge of the class library
  7. Energy Monitor - makes sure to turn off the light when class leaves the room
  8. Line Monitor - leads the line and keeps it quiet in the halls
  9. Table Captain - may be more than one student
  10. Plant Technician- waters plants
  11. Desk Inspector - catches dirty desks
  12. Animal Trainer - takes care of any classroom pets
  13. Teacher Assistant - helps the teacher at any time
  1. Attendance Person - takes the attendance folder to the office
  2. Homework Monitor - tells students who were absent what homework they missed
  3. Bulletin Board Coordinator - more than one student who plans and decorates one bulletin board in the classroom.
  4. Calendar Helper - helps the teacher do the morning calendar
  1. Trash Monitor - picks up any trash they see on or around the classroom
  2. Pledge/Flag Helper - is the leader for the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning
  3. Lunch Count Helper - counts and keeps track of how many students are buying lunch
  4. Center Monitor - helps students get to centers and makes sure all materials in place
  5. Cubby/Closet Monitor - makes sure that all students belongings are in place
  6. Book Bin Helper - keep track of the books that students read during class time
  7. Errand Runner - runs any errands the teacher needs done
  8. Recess Helper - carries any supplies or materials needed for recess
  9. Media Helper - gets any classroom technology ready for use
  10. Hall Monitor - goes into the hallway first or opens the door for guests
  11. Weather Reporter- helps the teacher with the weather in the morning
  12. Sink Monitor - stands by the sink and makes sure students wash their hands properly
  13. Homework Helper - collects students homework each morning from the basket
  14. Duster - dusts the desk, walls, counter tops, etc.
  15. Sweeper - sweeps up the floor at the end of the day
  16. Supplies Manager - takes care of the classroom supplies
  17. Backpack Patrol - makes sure everyone has everything in their backpack each day
  18. Paper Manager - takes care of all of the classroom papers
  1. Tree Hugger- makes sure that all materials are in the recycle bin that need to be
  2. Scrap Patrol - looks around the classroom each day for scraps
  3. Telephone Operator - answers the classroom phone when it rings
  4. Plant Monitor - water the classroom plants
  5. Mail Monitor - picks up the teachers mail from the office each day

Looking for more information on classroom jobs? Here are a few fun and effective classroom job charts that you can try.

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