Part 6: More cheers - cheerleaders' favorite cheers.

Cheerleader yelling through megaphone, low angle, side view
Mike Powell/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Submitted by: LIZBETH401

Go, go, flames, go!
W - I - N,
Go, Fight, win!
W - I - N,
Go, Fight, win!

Submitted by: SAMMYGRL69

Dont mess, dont mess,
Don't mess with the best
Cuz the best don't mess
Dont fool, don't fool,
Don't fool with the cool
Cuz the cool don't fool
(Team mascot) we rule!

Submitted by: CHEERCHICK24

Hey lets hear it cheer for the win
Gotta get it
Gotta get the win (clap,clap) Gotta get the win (clap,clap)
Lets go big blue and white
Go big white and blue
Dribble, pass, shoot for two
Lancers lets fire up to win
(when your saying the last line you do a mount)

Lancers (clap.clap)
Move it(clap,clap)
Lets score(clap,clap)
Two more(clap,clap)

Lets get fired up

Submitted by: GEM2002

From the East,
To the West,
The Hornets are the best.
We're gonna B-E-A-T beat 'em,
B-U-S-T bust 'em,
Beat 'em, Bust 'em
That's out custom,
We are gonna readjust 'em.

Be aggressive
B-E aggressive

Hornets want a takedown,
Hornets wanna win

Submitted by: CHEERGIRL05

Hurricanes are here
Lets make it clear
Step aside for the best
Cause this is our year

Lets go Canes Lets score
Lets go Canes Lets score

Submitted by: CHEER4LIFE69

Redskins our name
and footballs our game
We're one of a kind
With win on our mind
double step
(repeat 2 x)

Submitted by: CHEERGAL21

Your teams name is in the house and if ya don't get ready
we`re gonna kick you out
(repeat once)

We`re declaring cival war
Watch as we demonstrate

Submitted by: SPRTLEADER1

Hey, hey
Yell go big green
Go big green (pause)
KHS is here to stay
We don't play

Kaiser (pause) Cats
Are headed to the top(pause)
We're K-A-I-S-E-R
Kaiser(pause) best by far