List of Office Software Companies

Makers of Popular Productivity Apps, Subscriptions, and Desktop Suites

Productivity solutions don't make themselves. If you would like some background on the companies behind popular office software suites and apps, here's a comprehensive list.

Sometimes the company behind a software product is obvious and no surprise. In other cases, you might be surprised.

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The Apache Software Foundation

Apache Software Foundation Logo
Apache Software Foundation Logo. (c) Courtesy of Apache Software Foundation

The popular open source office suite community known as OpenOffice was donated to and is now administered by The Apache Software Foundation. This organization has locations or lock boxes for mail in Los Angeles, California and Forest Hill, Maryland.

Apple Store in Beijing
Apple Store in Beijing. (c) Courtesy of Apple

Apple's history has been intertwined with Microsoft's. The company produces popular hardware such as Mac laptops and desktops as well as iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Its productivity software solution is the iWork suite. Headquarters are in Cupertino, California. More »

Celframe Certified Application Specialist
Celframe Certified Application Specialist. (c) Courtesy of Celframe

Celframe is an internationally popular software company headquartered in Malaysia. With millions of users of its Celframe Office suite, the company also offers business solutions software and international business solutions software. More »

Documents to Go by Dataviz
Documents to Go by Dataviz. (c) Courtesy of Dataviz

Located in Milford, Connecticut, Dataviz has created several products you may have heard of, including Documents to Go. More »

LibreOffice. (c) Courtesy of The Document Foundation

This Germany-based community operates as a meritocracy. The result is one of the world's leading open office suites, which is free to use. The Document Foundation was built on the experience and leadership of several individuals who formerly worked on OpenOffice. More »

Chicago Tech Stop at Google, Inc.
Chicago Tech Stop at Google, Inc. (c) Courtesy of Google

When Google came on the scene, the company's culture took the tech world by surprise. Its founders built a search engine called BackRub and the rest is history.

With its web-based Google Docs and Google Apps, the company has also stayed relevant as far as office software is concerned.

Google is located in Mountain View, California. More »

IBM Logo Courtesy of Paul Rand via Wikimedia Commons
IBM Logo. (c) Courtesy of Paul Rand via Wikimedia Commons

IBM stands for International Business Machines, which is headquartered in Armonk, New York and offers many software solutions including free ones built on popular open source software, new web-based office suites, and proprietary office suites. More »

WordPerfect Office X6 Home and Student
WordPerfect Office X6 Home and Student. (c) Courtesy of Corel

Corel is a Canadian software company that publishes the popular WordPerfect office software suite, as well as WinZip, graphic software, and media software. More »

Microsoft Sign
Microsoft Sign. (c) Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft was built on software but now also features hardware and sundry innovative technology lines. Microsoft headquarters is located in Redmond, Washington.

Microsoft Office Suite itself has evolved into many product lines: Find Your Best Version of Microsoft Office. More »

OfficeSuite Pro
OfficeSuite Pro. (c) Courtesy of MobiSystems

The byline of MobiSystems reads "Mobility Made Simple". Their mobile solution OfficeSuite is available in a wide range of formats: Android, iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Java and Palm OS.

The company has headquarters in San Diego, California and Sofia, Bulgaria. More »

Kingsoft Office
Kingsoft Office. (c) Courtesy of Kingsoft

This Hong Kong software company offers many versions of its Kingsoft Office Suite, both for traditional and mobile platforms. It has collaborated with other major tech companies including Dell, Intel, and IBM. More »

SoftMaker Office 2012
SoftMaker Office 2012. (c) Courtesy of Softmaker Office Software

Nürnberg-based SoftMaker Software is the creator of SoftMaker Office. More »

Planamesa Software

NeoOffice Logo. (c) Courtesy of NeoOffice

Planamesa Software offers the open source suite NeoOffice for Mac. The community specializes in this platform and maintains a community of support for its Mac users.


OliveOffice from OlivePhone
OliveOffice from OlivePhone. (c) Image Courtesy of OlivePhone
China-based OlivePhone produces the free mobile suite known as OliveOffice, which is also available in a more feature-rich, premium version.
Calligra Logo
Calligra Logo. (c) Courtesy of KDE
Calligra is an open source community that produces a free office suite by the same name. The community, also known as KDE, has many other projects as well. More »