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Radio that Goes Bump in the Night - Scary and Funny Songs

Musicque Macabre - Halloween Radio Station
Musicque Macabre - Halloween Radio Station. Screenshot: Musicque Macabre Webpage

If you are looking for some spooky streams to listen to for a Halloween party, as you carve your pumpkin this year, or for any other seasonal reason, then check these out the online Halloween stations below. Each one provides a different type of Halloween experience through music and content. Bookmark the ones you'll need or want to come back to later.

An Old, Reliable Source

Remember Live365.com? This early entry into the world of streaming audio still hosts many specialized online radio channels, some run by hobbyists for fun and some run by entrepreneurs.

Either way, you will find over a dozen channels that consistently provide an array of Halloween programming. Some of the offerings:

Mystery/Suspense Network - featuring mystery and suspense audio from Old Time Radio shows.

Musique Macabre - an immense amount of variety compiled from Halloween favorites, scary soundtracks, rock music, gothic, and rarities!

The Haunted Mansion - this audio stream is made up entirely of sounds and music as featured in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attraction.

Horror Old Time Radio - this is a spoken word radio channel with creepy programming from early radio.

The Grimly Show - more for teens and adults, this stream is comprised of punk, goth, and other Halloween music.

Holidaze Halloween - I don't know what a "murder ballad" is but, this station features them along with teen tragedy songs, something called "horror surf," and a lot more adult-oriented content.

Bindlegrim Halloween - this channel is especially unique because it features vintage Halloween music beginning in the 1910s and going up until the 1950s.

Many big band stars are featured as well.

Monster Kid Radio - featuring music, original scores, and soundtracks from horror and science fiction films from the 1930s and later.

Ghoul Skool Rocks - this is a good party choice because the content is designed to appeal to all ages.

You can listen to any of these Live365.com radio stations by visiting this page.

More Dedicated Streams

There are various online radio streams that have been providing Halloween radio for some years. They include the following:

HalloweenRadio.net - HalloweenRadio.net actually has five channels to choose from: "Halloween Radio," "Halloween Atmosphere," and "Halloween Oldies," "Halloween Kids," and "Halloween Movies."

HalloweenRadio.org - this portal of streaming Halloween audio is packed with channels - 12 as a matter of fact. Genres include popular songs, movies, kids, classics, scary, sounds, and more.

13th Track - 13th Track Halloween Radio offers a clever flash animated music player with good stream of Halloween music.

Boogeyman Radio - "...horror sounds on the net! Songs, scores, rock, psychobilly, metal, and more..."

Horror Old Time Radio - An Old Time Radio Halloween show.

The Never Ending Wonder Halloween Radio Empire - several stations features several genres of Halloween-related music and songs.

Halloween Stations listed at Shoutcast.com - dark music for tortured souls from a variety of sources.

Channel 66.6 HM Haunted Radio - "Your radio home for everything horror!"

Whatever your need this year, whether for a children's party, an office event, or just to provide some aural ambience at your front door Halloween night, there is a dedicated specialty stream that will fit your need.