Job Likes and Dislikes Listening Comprehension Quiz

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In this listening comprehension you will hear a man speaking about what he likes and dislikes about his job. Listen to what he says and decide whether the following statements are true or false. You will hear the listening twice. Try to listen without reading the listening transcript. After you have finished, check your answers below the to see if you have answered the questions correctly.

Job Likes and Dislikes Quiz

  1. The first thing he does is go to the common room.
  2. He cleans the rooms when they are empty.
  3. He always helps out in the canteen.
  4. He usually washes the stairs.
  5. He finishes in the afternoon.
  6. He likes the routine nature of his job.
  7. He feels that it is degrading picking up cigarette butts.
  8. He is a millionaire.
  9. He likes the flexibility of his job.
  10. He enjoys the company of the students.
  11. He learns a lot on his job about other cultures.
  12. What is the name of his job?

Listening Transcript

Well, I come into work at eight o'clock, and the first thing I do is collect my keys. Then I go to the common room. I sweep up and I do the floors, and I also check the toilets. And when there are no students in the classrooms, I empty the waste bins, and clean the rooms. And I also help in the canteen when the girl is ill to do the teas and coffees. And I usually sweep the stairs and then give them a good wash over. I usually finish at about two o'clock. 

What I particularly hate about my job is having to be at work for a specific time and leave off at a certain time and have to follow a certain pattern all the time. And another thing I hate doing is picking up cigarette ends and dirty tissues. It's really degrading picking things up that have been in people's mouths. God, if I were paid for every cigarette end and tissue I'd picked up, I'd be a millionaire. 

What I really like about my job is that I can work on my own, and I can decide when I do something. If I don't feel like doing it today, I can do it tomorrow. I also find the students extremely friendly. They will come and talk to you in their breaks or their free time. They tell you all about their country, customs, habits, etc. and it's ever so interesting. I really enjoy it.

Job Likes and Dislikes Quiz Answers

  1. False - He gets his keys.
  2. True
  3. False - Only when the girl is ill. 
  4. True - He cleans and washes the stairs.
  5. True - He finishes at two o'clock.
  6. False - He doesn't like being at work and leaving at a certain time.
  7. True - He really hates it.
  8. False - He would be if he were paid for every cigarette end and tissues he has cleaned up!
  9. True - He can choose when he does the various tasks.
  10. True - They are really friendly.
  11. True - They tell him about their native countries.
  12. Janitor, Sanitary engineer
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