Lithics and Lithic Analysis

Laussel Venus, Upper Paleolithic Bas-Relief, ca. 25,000 Years Old
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Definition: Archaeologists use the (slightly ungrammatical) term 'lithics' to refer to artifacts made of stone. Since organic materials such as bone and textiles are rarely preserved, the most common type of artifact found on a prehistoric archaeological site is worked stone, whether as prepared tools such as a handaxe, adze or projectile point, hammerstone, or the tiny flakes of stone called debitage, which resulted from the construction of those tools.

Lithic analysis is the study of those objects, and can entail things like determining where the stone was quarried (called sourcing), when the stone was worked (such as obsidian hydration), what kind of technology was used to make the stone tool (flint knapping and heat-treatment), and what evidence there is of the tool's use usewear or residue studies).


  • We whole-heartedly recommend the Stone Age Research Collection pages of Roger Grace, for those who want to delve deeper.
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