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The Wonderful World of Cool Cartoons

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 The Best of Wonderful World of Cartoons

Kids and adults alike simply love cartoon images.  For kids, cartoons are just so much fun, and it’s a world where everything is possible.  The humorous content of most cartoons remind adults of a simpler time when there were no responsibilities.  Most cartoons reflect, in a funny way, what people really want to say and do, but can’t really say and do under normal circumstances.

There had been cartoon images in one form or another since the 1500s.  Back then, cartoons were used in a type of wall art called fresco painting.  Famous Renaissance painters such as Leonardo da Vinci and Peter Paul Rubens drew humorous cartoons.  These early cartoons are displayed in museums today.

The word “cartoon” was first used in the 1800s by a magazine called Punch. Punch is a London-based magazine.  They invented the cartoon when they published a series of drawings, making jokes about the British Parliament spending a lot of money.  The use of funny drawings to talk about serious issues is called satire.

Artists who create cartoon pictures are called cartoonists.  It is a great career. Cartoonists can work in different fields such as newspaper syndication, television or movie animation, graphic novels, comic books, or commercial design and illustration.  There are many famous cartoonists like Charles M. Schulz (Snoopy), Walt Disney (Mickey Mouse), Jim Davis (Garfield) and Matt Groening (The Simpsons).

  Their works are some of the most beloved and most popular cartoons of all time.

Kinds of Cartoon Pictures

Here are the different kinds of cartoon pictures:

Print Form

Drawings in magazines, books, and newspapers are considered cartoons in print form. They are usually found in magazines, cards, and newspapers.

  These cartoons may come in one single panel (Gary Larson’s The Far Side) or in comic strip format (Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts).  Also known as gag cartoons or comics, they may come as stand-alone stories or in serial format, which is a story continued on a weekly or daily basis.

Editorial cartoons are seen in news publications and magazines.  They illustrate the current issues of the day using ironic or satirical humor. They are usually political in theme.  Some famous editorial cartoonists are Mike Peters and David Low. The very first editorial cartoon printed in the United States was found in the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754.  It was illustrated by Benjamin Franklin. 


Cartoons also refer to moving pictures in rapid succession or animation.  Animation is used in both television and film.  Gertie the Dinosaur, first produced in 1914 by Winsor McCay, is considered the first animated cartoon.  Other notable early 20th Century cartoonists are Otto Messmer (Felix the Cat) and Walt Disney (Steamboat Willie). Steamboat Willie is the first performance of Mickey Mouse, and was the first cartoon picture to incorporate synchronized sound.

Today, cartoons are made into full-length movies using computer-generated imagery or CGI.  Cartoons for adults are also gaining a lot of popularity, with Matt Groening’s The Simpsons and Seth MacFarlane’s The Family Guy.

Favorite Movie Cartoon Images

Here are some favorite movie cartoons divided by decade of their release.  Some of them have stood the test of time and are favorites of both children and adults.

The 1930s
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney) – This genre-defining animated film started the Disney cartoon empire.

The 1940s
Dumbo (Disney) – This is a heart-warming and simple tale of a baby elephant separated from its mother.  Who can forget Dumbo’s big, floppy ears?

Bambi (Disney) – This tear-jerker of a Disney movie guarantees to make kids and most adults cry.  Its un-Disney like ending is now an animation classic.

The 1950's
Cinderella (Disney) – The modern-day Disney castle logo comes from this classic animated film.

The Lady and the Tramp (Disney) – This is the first animated film released in Cinema Scope.

  Everyone knows that famous “spaghetti kiss.”

The 1960s

101 Dalmatians (Disney) – This movie produced one of the most memorable cartoon villains of all time: Cruella de Vil.


The Jungle Book (Disney) – A Disney animated film with a very memorable soundtrack, which includes everyone’s favorite – Bare Necessities.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Touchstone and Amblin) – Robert Zemeckis directed this unique hybrid of live-action shots combined with animated action.

(The Little Mermaid (Disney) – It has all the elements of a catchy Disney formula – beautiful heroine, handsome and brave Prince, a host of funny side characters, and a great soundtrack.

The 1990s
Beauty and the Beast (Disney) – This is the first ever animated movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

Aladdin (Disney) – Robin Williams as the Genie formed the defining moments of this film.


The Lion King (Disney) – The animation of this Disney great is just magnificent, including the wildebeest stampede, the famous cliff scene, and Scar watching Mufasa fall to his death.


Finding Nemo (Pixar) – This animated film enjoyed both critical and commercial success. It introduced children to the underwater world.


Kung-Fu Panda (Dreamworks) – This is an inventive and enjoyable cartoon that has spawned two sequels so far.  Everyone loves Po, the lovable Panda.

The 2010's

Frozen (Disney) – Every little girl and their parents know exactly who Elsa, Anna, and Olaf are, and can probably hum Let It Go without trying.

  This is an empowering film for all young girls, with a traditional feel, but modern angle.

The Most Popular Television Cartoon Images

Just as film images are beloved by everyone, television cartoon images are just as cherished by viewers young and old.  Here are some of the most popular and enduring cartoon images:

Cartoon Animals

Mickey Mouse

This Disney icon is what truly embodies a great cartoon image.  We can see Mickey everywhere, even if some of them are well-hidden.

Bugs Bunny

“What’s up, Doc?” is probably one of the most famous phrases in the entire cartoon world.  And it can all be attributed to this fun, carrot-munching Looney Tunes rabbit.

Scooby Doo and Shaggy

Although Shaggy is human, it is hard to separate these two.  These inseparable best friends always save the day!

Wil E. Coyote

Just the thought of Mr. Wil E. Coyote thinking of ways to capture the Road Runner makes everyone smile. We just love how he never, ever gives up!

Daffy Duck

Can we even understand the things that are spewing out of Daffy Duck’s mouth? Although we can never understand Daffy, he will always be fun to watch.

The Pink Panther

Do you hear that jazzy tune in your head now? That’s the enduring legacy of Pink Panther.

Winnie the Pooh

The child-like and lovable bear who just loves honey a little too much.  We also love his friends Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, and Piglet.

Cartoon Humans

Who could ever forget the lovable human cartoons that we all love?  Here are some of the most popular ones:

Popeye – He taught generations of children to eat their vegetables, particularly his beloved spinach.


Fred Flintstone – He made the cave man fun and accessible to children.

Homer Simpson – The not-so-perfect father of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie has been a staple on our TV screens for 20 seasons and counting.

Best Newspaper Cartoon Strips

Part of how we see cartoon pictures are the characters that started out as syndicated cartoon strips, and due to their popularity, some of them expanded to television and the movies.  These characters and the world they live in were known and loved, first and foremost, by readers of newspaper cartoons:

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang (Charles M. Schulz)

No other comic strip has such strong influence on pop culture as Peanuts.  We can all relate to one or two characters in the series.

Beetle Bailey (Mort Walker)

This 60-year cartoon has one of the most enduring themes:  a power struggle between a bullying senior officer, and a presumably weaker but wilier character. It never gets old, and it’s always interesting.

Hagar the Horrible (Dik and Chris Browne)

Slapstick comedy at its finest, Hagar and his Viking world is funny and unforgettable.

Garfield (Jim Davis)

The epitome of self-indulgence, Garfield is one of the most recognizable characters in the cartoon world.

Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Waterson)

This mischievous and brilliant boy and his imaginary stuffed tiger tackle the meaning of life, philosophy, and everything else in between in a witty and creative manner.

Sherman’s Lagoon (Jim Toomey)

A social commentary on environmental accountability, this cartoon strip tackles serious issues in a funny, offhand way.

Dilbert (Scott Adams)

Employees everywhere find Dilbert relatable and therapeutic, assuring them that they are not alone in the corporate jungle.

The Far Side (Gary Larson)

This single-panel cartoon expertly discusses the hilarious side of life.

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