9 Addictive Logo Games and Quizzes

Can You Guess the Logo?

Logos are everywhere around us, every day. You see them, but do you really see them? You think you know one car, TV or computer company logo or wordmark from another, but can you recognize a logo even if you're only shown a small piece? Can you spot the real from the fake? Whether you rely on color, font, shape or some other element, you can have fun and test your logo identification skills with these online games and quizzes.

How's your logo memory?

These are logo versions of classic games and a quiz to test your logo IQ.

  • Memory
    Try beginner, intermediate or advanced games of memory where you try to remember where each logo appeared in the grid as you match up pairs. It can be tricky in the advanced version where all the logos use the same colors.


  • Slide Puzzle
    For the logo slide puzzle, you try to slide the pieces around to reassemble the scrambled logo. It's quite challenging even when you know the logo and really tough when it's an unfamiliar one. There are three levels with more tiles in the puzzle for the higher levels.


  • LogiQuizz
    This is a timed quiz where the site shows you eight logos—altered to obscure names or change the shape slightly if it's too much of a dead giveaway—and you have to supply the company name. If you don't attempt a guess at enough of the logos, it can't calculate a score.
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How quickly can you identify them all?

There are multiple logo identification games here. You get a limited time to type in the names of as many of the logos as you recognize. The name appears under the logo for each one you get correct. The theme logo games might be easier, simply because the theme at least narrows down your options. The ones shown below aren't all of the logo games, but they're enough to get you started.

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Will the real corporate logo please stand up.

In this series of logo-guessing games, you're presented with several versions of a logo, and you try to guess which one is the correct version. There are usually only subtle differences. The game is timed, and you lose time for each wrong guess, but you can keep guessing until you get it right. More »

Name that logo from A to Z

There are multiple editions of this game, each featuring a different set of logos. You're presented with 26 letters from A to Z from what should be a familiar logo. With nothing but the font and color to go on (and sometimes a bit of a shape) can you correctly identify each one? Fill in a guess for each letter that you can then find out if you were correct. Give up? There's a link near the top to the answers for each game.

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What font is that logo?

Can you identify a logo by its font, coloring and styling? The word Sporcle mimics famous logotypes in the Fabulous Fonts Quizzes. How many can you guess in five minutes? 

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Multiple choice just multiplies the difficulty.

This is a multiple choice quiz, but that doesn't make it easy. The quiz shows you a small part of a logo, and then you have to choose the right company. You earn points for speed and accuracy.  More »

Name that logo!

This quiz shows you bits of a logo and you have to fill in the brand it represents. It tells you if you're right or wrong but no answers are provided. If you're sure you are correct but it still says no, check your spelling. More »

Can you make the ID with no color and just bits and pieces?

Jacob Cass offers up just a tiny black and white shape or a letter bit or two from 10 different logos. How many can you get before peeking at the answers? More »

Test your logo knowledge. Photo from Amazon

You and your friends may have played this logo game at home, but it's also available in an online version that includes a selection of the questions from the board game. More »

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