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Logos 7 Review: Solid Bible Software for Serious Students of God’s Word

Logos 7 Bible Software Review
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On August 22, 2016, Faithlife launched Logos 7, the latest version of their powerful Logos Bible Software. I've had a few days to explore some of the new features and get acquainted with the resources in the Diamond package, the suggested bundle for senior pastors and leaders. 

I couldn’t imagine Bible study becoming any more exciting or rewarding, but I’m thrilled to report, it just did with Logos 7.

Logos 7 Bible Software Review - Diamond Package

I’ve been passionate about studying God’s Word since attending Bible school more than 30 years ago. But when I started using Logos Bible Software in 2008, my studies took on a whole new dimension. Before then, I studied with a variety of printed and online resources.

Rewarding? Yes. Worthwhile? You bet. But, at the same time, time consuming, tedious, and cumbersome work.

Now Logos (pronounced LAH-gahss) is the starting point for all of my Bible research and personal study. The enormous digital library gives me one-stop, instant access to such a wealth of resources, I wonder how I ever managed without it.

Let’s jump in now for a closer look at this incredibly powerful Bible study tool, including a few of the newly released features in Logos 7.

Its Yoke Is Easy

Most users will have no trouble learning their way around Logos Bible Software. I’m not super tech savvy, but upon first opening the software, I managed to get right down to business after just a few minutes of poking around.

Still, the application integrates a large number of complex features for more advanced Bible students and scholars. I've talked with a few not-so-tech-savvy pastors who have had difficulty navigating the software and ended up only tapping into a small portion of the resources.

My senior pastor, Danny Hodges of Calvary Chapel Saint Petersburg, uses Logos Bible Software.

He says, "I mainly use Logos for reading the variety of commentaries available. It's great to have this resource at my disposal without having to carry around a lot of books, especially when I'm traveling."

Current Logos users are not likely to experience a learning curve, as Logos 7 looks familiar and operates much like the previous versions. If you’re brand-new to Logos, I strongly recommend taking advantage of the available in-app Quick Start videos and online training videos. Since Logos software is a hefty investment, you'll want to be a good steward and make the best use of those well-spent funds. If not, you could easily miss out on some of the less obvious, but incredibly valuable tools available to you in this application.

Prepared in Season and Out

Sermon Starter Guide

The Sermon Starter is a handy virtual assistant for any pastor or Bible teacher. Based on the topic or passage of Scripture you search, the guide will present you with an array of themes and thematic outlines for preaching and teaching. It also introduces related verses, commentaries, illustrations, and visual aids.

Sermon Editor – New to Logos 7

Probably the biggest (and best, if you’re a preacher) change to Logos 7 is the addition of Sermon Editor.

Now, along with the previously launched Sermon Starter Guide, pastors, small group leaders, and Sunday School teachers can research and write their sermons, studies, or lessons right within Logos. Gather resources, take notes, build your outline, prepare your visual presentations, and even create printouts all inside Logos. You don’t have to be a pastor to use this feature. You could use it to create your own family Bible studies. I plan to experiment with this feature to assist with writing articles on Bible topics.

Study to Show Yourself Approved

Courses Tool - New to Logos 7

The Courses Tool is designed to help Logos users explore the Bible while getting the most out of their resource library.  You can select from pre-plotted learning plans on key topics you wish to study, or design your own custom courses.

The tool will generate a learning schedule, assign reading selections, and track your progress.

Quickstart Layouts  - New to Logos 7

Quickstart Layouts let you customize and launch Logos modules in the format you like to work in best, so you don’t have to waste time navigating when you’d rather be studying.

Topic Guide

One of my favorite features of Logos is the Topic Guide. If you enjoy doing topical Bible studies, this feature will dazzle you as it brings together Bible dictionary definitions to explain your topic, key verses related to your topic, other interrelated subjects in Scripture, and profiles of biblical people, places and things connected to the topic. Everything in your digital library pertaining to the particular topic of study comes to your fingertips in the Topic Guide. You can even create notes with each topical study and save them in your documents for future reference.

Exegetical Guide

The Exegetical Guide allows you to draw out detailed information on Bible passages, such as original Greek and Hebrew word-by-word analysis. You can even listen to the pronunciation of words. And individual word studies will allow precise original language searches, so you can quickly find and view the word in every instance in the Bible.

Passage Guide

Even more helpful, I find, is the Passage Guide, which is extremely useful for pulling together the resources needed to understand verses better, within their biblical context.

Logos 7 has expanded the Passage Guide with new sections, listing all of the related content in your library, which you can open and read with a single click.

You will see all commentaries, journals, cross-referenced verses, ancient literature, genealogies, parallel passages, and cultural concept. And, if that's not enough, you can search online sermon databases directly from the application for sermon notes, outlines, illustrations and more.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

One time-saving feature I’m particularly fond of in Logos Bible Software is the ability to copy and paste with citations. In the work I do, I am required to cite the source of every direct quotation I use. With Logos, all Bible verses or text excerpts copied from within one of the resources and pasted into any other program will include the complete source citation.

Count the Cost

Logos 7 offers eight base packages.  The most basic Starter package is regularly priced at $294.99. I'm currently exploring the resources in the Diamond package, priced at $3,449.99. The largest, most expensive new package is Logos Collector's Edition, which gives you everything in the Logos arsenal for a whopping $10,799.99.

Did I hear you say ouch?

A definite con of Logos Bible Software is the prohibitive cost. Many Bible students, missionaries, and pastors on a ministry budget will find the Logos price tag beyond their reach.

I won't argue; the software is a sizable investment. However, each collection contains hundreds to thousands of resources. For instance, the Diamond package I'm using has more than 30 of the most popular English Bible versions, over 150 original-language tools, more than 600 theological journals, more than 350 Bible commentaries, over 50 volumes of systematic theology, and over 25 volumes on biblical theology.

With 1,744 resources in total, to purchase this entire collection in print would cost more than $20,000.

Visit Logos to compare prices and resources offered in the base packages. Faculty, staff, and students enrolled in an approved seminary, college, or university, may qualify for an academic discount. You can learn more about Logos' Academic Discount Program here. Logos also offers monthly payment plans.

The Gift of Service

Besides great training videos and an active, helpful forum community, Logos offers one of the best customer service and support experiences I've ever encountered. While I haven't needed them often, the Logos support team is professional, responsive, and easy to access.

Again, I encourage you to spend time viewing the online training videos when you first start using Logos. It will be worth your time to take advantage of all the features and resources at your disposal.

If you’re committed to serious and regular Bible study, you truly cannot go wrong with Logos Bible Software.

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