Lopez: Name Meaning and Origin

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Lopez is a patronymical surname meaning "son of Lope." Lope comes from the Spanish form of Lupus, a Latin personal name meaning "wolf." The Lopes variation of this surname often originates from Portugal.

Lopez is the 21st most popular surname in the United States and the 4th most common Hispanic surname. It is also among the top five most common last names in Argentina.

Surname Origin: Spanish

Alternate Surname Spellings: Lopes, Lopaz, Lopas

Famous People with the Surname Lopez

  • Jennifer Lopez - American actress and pop singer
  • George Lopez - comedian
  • Mario Lopez - American actor
  • José López Portillo y Pacheco - former President of Mexico
  • Francisco Solano López - former President of Paraguay
  • Nancy Lopez - popular LPGA American golfer

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