Lori Weaver

Lori Weaver
Lori Weaver.

Lori Weaver is a journalist and online content writer covering renewable fuels issues and green transport technologies.


Lori Weaver is an experienced journalist and marketing specialist with a background in global fuel, food and feed issues. Her interest in renewable fuels was ignited during the past decade while covering the growing competing demands for grain crops, particularly between renewable fuels and animal feeds. Her work has been published in national and international trade publications. In addition, she has worked as a freelance writer for the world's largest ethanol-producing company and has provided online content with a specialization in renewable energy, transportation fuels and sustainability. She is an avid reader of new and emerging technology reviews, particularly as they relate to sustainable living.


Lori received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with major areas of study in both journalism and production agriculture.

Lori Weaver

I am a native of rural southern Wisconsin but now make my home in Lexington, Kentucky. I began my career in communications with a trade association in the crop science sector, a position which first sparked my interest in biofuels and their inter-relationship with global food security. I later worked as an editor, writer and public relations account executive in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer arenas. In recent years, I have served as a freelance writer and consultant for a number of companies working in the renewable fuels and sustainability markets, including the world's largest producer of ethanol. I have covered the research and development of alternative energies, including algae-based fuels, as well as the hybrid vehicle sector. In addition to analyzing emerging research and technologies in these areas, I have covered regulatory and legislative issues impacting renewable fuels and green transport.

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