Tips for Finding a Lost Photoshop Serial Number

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If you've lost your Photoshop serial number, start with the most obvious solution: Do you have the original packaging? The serial number is always found in the package. Usually, it is on the CD sleeve. We recommend creating a text or spreadsheet file where you can add these serial numbers for all of your programs. When you have done that, save the file to an external drive.

If this is not the case, all is not lost.

There are a number of solutions available to you provided the software is legal. If it isn't you are out of luck.

Although you might be able to find an installation key out there, it most likely would not be a legitimate way to get the program installed. It's also very risky to visit those kinds of sites because there's a lot of malicious software out there. But this doesn't mean you're out of options.

Did You Register Your Software?

If you registered your software, you can choose Help > Registration to display your serial number. You can also log into your account at and retrieve your password there. If you can't log into, you'll have to contact Adobe for your serial number. They may require your original purchase receipt.

Creative Cloud

If you are having issues with Creative Cloud, keep in mind the Creative Cloud does not require a serial number. It requires your Adobe ID which you created when you purchased the Creative Cloud.

If you entered the wrong email or password, you will be prompted to try again or get support. There is a full FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) around you being asked for a serial number on this page.

If you are using Adobe software that was released prior to the Creative Cloud introduction and required a serial number, you should check out this page from Adobe.

Did You Install the Software on Another Computer?

If you still have the software installed on another computer, you may be able to find the serial number there.

  • Belarc Advisor is a free PC profiler that will show serial numbers for many installed programs. It doesn't show serial numbers for all Adobe products, however.
  • Some older versions of Adobe software stored the serial number in the Windows registry. You can try searching the registry for the serial numbers if you still have the software on another computer.

Ask for a New Serial Number

If you've exhausted all these suggestions, Adobe customer support may be your best bet for getting a new serial number. Explain your situation and find out if they can help and how – it certainly won't be the first time they've encountered a customer with your problem. Be sure to present them with as much proof of purchase as possible when you contact them.

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