Lots of Cheers

The third edition of cheerleaders' favorite cheers

Cheerleaders performing routine
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Submitted by: Schmuuppy360

People in the front let me hear ya grunt -*uh*
People in the back show 'em where it's at
(turn around put your hands in front of you and shake your butt)
People in the stands stand up and clap your hands
Because we're (teams name) here to stay
We're the best in the land
(clap, down, clap, clap, down, clap, down, clap, down, clap, clap)

Submitted by: TTFN020

Force (pause) Elite (pause) the best in the state
(pause) Red, black, and white (use team colors) (pause) first rate.

Submitted by: Krystal

Everyone yell
Yell Go ( your team name) yahoo!
Repeat 3 times!

Submitted by: Cheerchick

Check us out
The WARRIOR team will win no doubt
We'll fight with all our might
And win this game tonight
Show your spirit's above the rest
Yell with us
Yell G-H-S!

You did it before
Do it again
Go Fight Win!

"Role call Shaw boom
Sha Sha Shaw boom
Role call Shaw boom
Sha Sha Shaw boom"

All the cheerleaders except the person you're asking:
Cheerleader that you are talking to (ex. JENNIFER)
"Hey what?"
All the cheerleaders:
"Introduce yourself."
"No way!"
"Introduce yourself."
"Okay 1-2-3-4-5 My name is JENNIFER and I say HI 6-7-7-8-9-10"
if the cheerleader is in the back row she says:
"Let's move it up and meet my friend"
if the cheerleader is in the front row she says:
"Lets back it up and meet my friend"
Then you start all over and go through all the cheerleaders!

It's a lot of fun!