LSAT Registration FAQs

LSAT Registration Frequently Asked Questions

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LSAT Registration FAQs

When it comes to taking the LSAT, registration is key. First-time testers will have a ton of questions related to test centers, completing your registration, fees, fee waivers and more. The good news is that this article provides answers to some of those key questions, so you can complete your LSAT registration on time and get to work focusing on your LSAT prep. After all, registration is just the beginning; your LSAT score is what really counts!

When Should I Take the LSAT?

Please keep in mind that you cannot take the LSAT more than three times in any two-year period, even if you cancel your score or don't report it for some reason. Sure, LSAC may make an exception in your case if you email a detailed request outlining why you feel eliigble to retest, (send to or by fax to 215.968.1277), but for most of you, you only get three shots in two years. So, when do you take it? Give yourself at least one full year prior to your application deadline for law school to take the exam. This allows for retakes if you hate your score and plenty of test prep time, too.

What Are the LSAT Test Dates?

The LSAT is offered four times a year: June, September/October, December and February. You can take it on a Saturday or, if you're a Sabbath observer, you can take it on an alternate date. There are regular registration deadlines, late registration deadlines and score release dates that will all come into play when you decide which test to sign up for! Check the LSAT test dates and deadlines well in advance of when you think you'd like to register. Why? Testing centers fill VERY quickly and you'll need to register as early as possible to ensure yourself a seat.

How Much Does the LSAT Cost?

When you decided to take the LSAT, I'm betting you didn't wager on spending boatloads of cash just to put your pencil to paper! Well, be prepared to open up the ol' wallet and shell out some bucks. The LSAT can get pricey with fees for everything from registration, handscoring, test center changes, date changes, late registration, law school reports, and Credential Assembly Service. Click the link above to find out just how much you'll need to dole out to LSAC in order to complete your LSAT registration.

Where Do I Take the LSAT?

So, on test day, where do you go? The link above offers information regarding published, nonpublished (a test center established for testers who live more than 100 miles away from a testing center), and international test centers along with centers for Sabbath observers. The LSAT begins at 8:30 a.m. at all test centers except for the June test, which begins at 12:30 p.m. so regardless of your test center, you'll need to ensure that you're on time!

How Do I Get an LSAT Accommodation?

If you've decided to take the LSAT, but you're unsure about whether or not your disability will be taken into consideration when you actually sit for the test, here is some good news for you! LSAC works hard to ensure a fair test for everyone wishing to take the exam, and they do so with LSAT accommodations for those with documented disabilities. Click the link to find out what to do to gain access to LSAT accommodations.

Can I Register Under Special Circumstances?

Perhaps you're a Sabbath observer and you cannot take the exam on a Saturday. Or, perhaps you're just unable to pay the registration fees, but you'd really like to take the LSAT anyway. What can you do? The link above specifies the ways to register if you fall under one of these special circumstances.

How Do I Complete My LSAT Registration?

You can register online, by phone (215.968.1001 and press 0 to speak to a representative) or by mail: Law School Admission Council 662 Penn Street Newtown, PA 18940. For questions about LSAT registration, you can contact LSAC at