LSATMax Prep Review

A mobile-friendly but expensive LSAT prep course with lifetime access.

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LSATMax prep has focused on offering services from a mobile device. The course offers up to 90 full-length practice exams to help increase your test score. LSATMax offers lifetime access, which explains why the price point is much higher than that of other courses, with the cheapest option still being about $750. 

The app itself is a free download with limited content. Full content and features are accessible by purchasing one of two self-paced programs, the Pro Course or the Premium Edition, each offering a variety of exams, data analytics, video lessons and more. We reviewed practice exams, whiteboard lessons, the analytical feedback, and accessibility to evaluate how well LSATMax met its claims. Keep reading to see how LSATMax fared.

The Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Affordable and easily accessible 

  • Detailed feedback helps guide your studies
  • 24/7 access to live instructors through a message board
  • Study plans are not completely customizable
  • No live courses or class sessions
  • Minimal explanations
  • High price point

What’s Included  

LSATMax comes with up to 90 full-length exams, over 100 hours of video lessons, access to instructors via message board, daily drills, and the ability to download content for later viewing. LSATMax also offers the ability to take digital LSAT exams from a mobile device.

Mobile Access

LSATMax is accessible from just about any mobile device, both iOS and Android, and also on tablets. You can also access your account using the online desktop application. The mobile app allows users to complete daily drills, watch videos, and practice Logic Games.

To ensure the app runs smoothly, it is highly recommended that you download what you plan to work on before using it from a location where you are not connected to Wi-Fi to save on data usage. If you don’t, you may not be able to do much off of your phone. In short, mobile access requires some planning on your part.

100+ Hours of Video Lessons

Each whiteboard video lesson is designed to emphasize key themes and dissect complex concepts into understandable topics that you can easily consume. Videos are categorized by the concept being covered, and each video can be viewed in its entirety or you can view specific topics within the video, so you don’t have to watch the entire video every time. Videos can be slowed down and paused as needed so you can absorb the content at a pace that is most comfortable for you.

If you are the type of person who learns best with live instruction setting, LSATMax may not meet your needs, as it does not offer any live online or in-person classes or study sessions.

Videos are viewable online or from your mobile device, but it’s highly recommended that you download any content you wish to watch beforehand to prevent using too much data. Downloading videos is straightforward, but be sure to be connected to Wi-Fi to ensure a quick download. 

Daily Drills, Logic Games and Reading Comprehension

LSATMax offers a variety of exercises and lessons to build skills necessary for answering LSAT questions correctly. There are three types of exercises: daily drills, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension.

Daily drills are composed of five questions, each varying in nature, to help you practice essential skills:

  • Identify Question Type – help you identify the question stem, so you know how to answer each type of LSAT question and helps you with Logic Reasoning.
  • Sufficient and Necessary Diagramming – provides practice on pure logic.
  • Argument Completion – tests your usage of contrapositives and transitivity to make inferences.
  • Supply the Missing Premise – requires you to fill the gap that guarantees the provided conclusion.
  • True vs. False – helps you determine the criterion for TRUE, which in turns builds skills to succeed in the Logic Games

The Logic Games (aka analytical reasoning) section of the LSAT is comprised of four games, each with five to eight questions. Every game begins by describing a scenario and is followed by a set of rules to test how well you are able to make inferences from the scenario. Being able to diagram the scenario and apply the rules helps with formulating the correct answer, and the app provides example videos to explain these types of exercises.

Reading Comprehension is the third set of exercises, and they emphasize important areas to practice in order to master the following types of questions: the main point, tone, and purpose. Each section in Reading Comprehension contains about four passages approximately 400-500 words in length, with five to eight questions related to the passage. Passages come from the arts/literature, sciences, social science, and law.

Full-Length Practice Exams

LSATMax offers various options for taking practice exams. For users who have not purchased a subscription, LSATMax offers one free online test, which comes with a free score report, analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, and video explanations for missed questions.

If you purchase LSATMax Premium, you will get 90 practice exams, digitally and hardcopy. After completing an exam, the app provides a final score report with a detailed breakdown and analysis of weak areas and recommends study topics and links to videos. You can consult with instructors, as well.

LSATMax Pro provides 20 practice exams in both digital and hardcopy formats, as well as the same diagnostics and post-exam support offered in the Premium package.

It’s important to note that exams should be taken in their entirety because you want to simulate your experience as closely as possible to an actual exam environment. Since real exam environments also include proctors, LSATMax recommends using TestMax as a virtual proctor while taking an exam.

Access to Instructors

Whenever you struggle with a topic or concept or are unsure about a missed question or a video that doesn’t make sense, you can contact an instructor to get clarification. Instructors can be contacted via in-app message boards. For instance, if a daily drill question was answered incorrectly, an instructor could be contacted by the message board to explain why the chosen answer was incorrect.

We found the message board to be the best option. You may not always get the same instructor, though. And if you are not in a rush and your concerns/questions are too involved to be described via chat, e-mail is another option.

Analytical Feedback

Once you complete an exam or a series of exercises, the app will analyze the results and will highlight areas in which you did well and areas that need more work. The app drills down to the specifics of the types of questions that you need to practice and why. The analytical feedback also points users to videos that clarify and illustrate the correct answer when questions are missed.

The Analytics report is broken down by three major areas: Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, Reading Comprehension. Within each area, you can see your performance in various categories and work on questions related to that category. This helps you pinpoint weak areas and customize a targeted plan to complete specific lessons, saving you time.

LSATMax’s Strengths 

LSATMax is accessible via a mobile device. This is convenient because it allows users to prep and practice at any time, without being restricted to a desktop application. 

Mobile Access 

Mobile access allows users to fit in study sessions when they find it convenient, and there is no worry about attending live classes.

Analytics and Exercises to Strengthen Weak Areas 

After every test and set of questions you complete, the app will assess your performance and provide a breakdown by question type of how you did, so you can focus on weak areas and target future study sessions, rather than waste time on areas you’ve already mastered.

Instructor Access

Instructors are available via the message board function. Students can post questions and wait for instructor responses.

LSATMax’s Weaknesses 

LSATMax does not provide a formal detailed study plan, and it does not include any and the live classes.

No Detailed Study Plan

Study plans were fairly vague and lacked detail or customization for users to adjust based on their test dates or time available to study per day or per week. While the course provides guidance on weaknesses to work on, it does not have a way to incorporate this into the study plan.

No Live Classes

Several students learn better when they are interacting with other students or an instructor in a live class. That is something that LSATMax does not support. If that is something you need, then another prep course may be a better choice.

Minimal Explanations

Practice test questions are not explained in videos or written form, only through message board discussions, and while some student posts received responses, many were left unanswered. Video explanations and/or complete written explanations for all answer choices would be more convenient and useful.

High Price Point

With prices ranging from about $800 to $1,300, this is one of the most expensive online LSAT courses. While payment plans might make it seem affordable, this adds to the debt students will have when paying for law school later. Most competing options have low monthly prices that allow students to try out courses month-to-month, rather than committing to a large amount at the beginning.


LSATMax provides options to pay with a variety of packages. It also offers 3-, 6-, 12-, or 18-month payment plans that make it easier to purchase the course.

LSATMax Intensive

Price: $1299.99

Includes: 90 Full LSAT Prep Tests (Tests 1-90), lifetime account access and support, hard copies of all materials, unlimited access to the message boards, analytics, and a guaranteed higher score. It also includes three hours of private tutoring.

LSATMax Premium

Price: $999.99

Includes: 90 Full LSAT Prep Tests, lifetime account access and support, hard copies of all materials, unlimited access to the message boards, analytics, and a guaranteed higher score.


Price: $799.99

Includes: 20 Full LSAT Prep Tests, lifetime account access and support, hard copies of all materials, unlimited access to the message boards, analytics, and a guaranteed higher score.

The Competition: LSATMax vs. Blueprint vs. TestMasters

A comparison between LSATMax and Blueprint shows that they are fairly similar, with both offering mobile access, instructor access, and a complete set of official questions. The biggest differentiators are that LSATMax offers more practice exams, a high score guarantee, and lifetime account access. Blueprint offers live classes, which is something that’s lacking in LSATMax.  

Similarities between LSATMax and TestMasters include instructor access, analytics, and online lessons. LSATMax differs from TestMasters by offering a high score guarantee, more practice exams, online support, and lifetime access. TestMasters offers live classes and access to an LSAT forum.

Final Verdict

LSATMax is ideal for students who want access to every LSAT ever released via desktop and mobile, prefer recorded over live classes, or need lifetime access to course material even after taking the exam.

LSATMax provides a mobile-friendly test prep program that students can access anywhere with Wi-Fi.

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