Lucky Spencer

Lucky Spencer: Unlucky in Love

Jonathan Jackson. ABC, Inc.

Lucky Spencer: Street-smart child, mind control victim, cop, addict, husband, father.

Lucky has been part of General Hospital since he was a child of ten, and the character has had several faces. Jonathan Jackson, Jakob Young, and Greg Vaughan have all played a different face of Lucky throughout his years on General Hospital

Jonathan Jackson (1993-1999)

Early Years

Lucky was born in Texas to Luke and Laura Spencer, and for the first ten years, he moved around a lot, as his parents were avoiding mobster Frank Smith.

Lucky was raised to think on his feet and be independent. When danger reached the family-owned diner in Canada, the Spencers decided to head home and face their demons.

Luke and Laura went one route and sent Lucky on his own. Once in Port Charles, Lucky was hidden at Kelly's by his Aunt Ruby, but Smith's men came after him.

Lucky took off and met a relative, Sly Eckert, also a young boy. Sly's father was Luke's cousin Bill Eckert, who looked enough like Luke that Frank Smith's men killed him.

Lucky, Laura, and Luke were reunited, but they were in for a rough time. Shortly after arriving, Lucky followed Luke to a meeting and was shot. Fortunately, he recovered.

The Spencer family settled in Port Charles and welcomed a new baby, Lulu.  Lucky also learned that he had a half-brother, Laura's son with Stavros Cassadine, Nikolas. Not even Luke knew that when Laura was held in captivity by the Cassadines, she had Stavros' child.

Nikolas came to Port Charles when Lulu needed a bone marrow transplant. He and Lucky did not hit it off, especially when they both developed a crush on Sarah Webber, who favored Nikolas.

Lucky Falls for Elizabeth Webber

Lucky, however, became involved with Sarah's sister, Elizabeth, after she was raped in the park and he found her there, bruised and battered.

They worked together to find her rapist, and Lucky became protective toward Elizabeth. The two fell in love.

During a fight with Lucky, Nikolas told his half-brother that Luke had raped Laura before they were married.

After confronting his parents, Lucky left home and began to live over Jason Morgan's bike shop. Elizabeth urged him to understand and forgive his parents, which he did, though he continued to live independently. The two planned a future together.

It wasn't to be. One night, there was a fire at Jason's shop. A burned body was found in Lucky's room, with a necklace Lucky ahd given to Elizabeth. The supposition was that Lucky was dead.

For a year, everyone believed Lucky was dead. About a year after his "death," Cesar Faison died in an explosion, but not before telling Luke that Lucky was alive. Faison had kidnapped Lucky and programmed him on instructions from Helena Cassadine.

Jacob Young (February 25, 2000 to February 10, 2003)

Luke Searches for Lucky

Luke investigated what Cesar told him and began coming across clues to his son's whereabouts, all of which were set up by Helena. Luke and Laura retraced their past following clues to the Haunted Star, to the Ice Princess Island, and to Texas.

Lastly, they went to the Triple L Diner that they ran in Canada. There, Helena gave Lucky bus fare and freed him. The young man wasn't happy to see his parents; he hit Luke and ran away.

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Lucky Tries to Move On

Free of Helena, Lucky and Elizabeth reunited. Lucky found that he really felt no love for Elizabeth, probably due to what Helena had done to him. But he wanted to make her happy.

They planned a New Year's Eve wedding, but Gia Campbell informed Elizabeth that Lucky no longer loved her. The wedding was canceled. They tried to start over, but it was slow going. After a car accident involving Gia and Eizabeth, Nikolas, Gia, Elizabeth, and Lucky wound up living at Windemere, as well as Elizabeth's sister Sarah, who had returned to Port Charles.

Gia had caused the car accident, and Helena knew it, so Nikolas helped her escape.

This infuriated Lucky, but he kept the secret.

When Elizabeth found out what had happened during the accident, she was angry that everyone had protected Gia and kept the truth from her. She broke up with Nikolas and became estranged from Gia and Nikolas.

Lucky again was attracted to Sarah; the two entered into a relationship, though Maxie Jones was also interested in Lucky. When he rejected Maxie, she told Elizabeth about Sarah and Lucky. Sarah was jealous of Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth was involved in an explosion and Lucky ran to her, Sarah left Port Charles. Lucky went back to being a photographer for .

Luke and Laura Disappear

Now reunited, Luke and Laura planned a wedding for late summer. As Laura organized it, she had flashbacks of a night in the attic of her childhood home. Luke then poked around in the attic for clues and discovered an old camera with film in it.

Lucky developed the photos; the first picture was of a young Scott Baldwin covered in blood. While Luke pursued the new lead, Lucky began to develop another photo. Before he was finished, Luke realized what it was and took off in search of Laura.

When Luke and Laura failed to appear for their wedding, Lucky and Nikolas searched the attic for clues. They found Rick Webber, Laura's stepfather, dead. Both believed that Luke killed him.

They placed Rick in his car, doused him with alcohol, and pushed the car off of a cliff. However, Scott and Mac suspected that it was not a drunk-driving accident. Lucky and Nikolas were frantic over what had happened to Laura.

Lucky was relieved when he heard from Luke, but this did not appease Nikolas. He informed Scott of Luke and Laura's location.

When Mac and Scotty arrived, it was too late. They were captured when they returned to the attic. Laura suffered a complete breakdown, believing herself a teenager. She was committed to a mental institution. Luke was arrested for Rick's murder.

Lucky wanted to help Luke break out of jail, but Luke turned to Nikolas instead. Lucky and Elizabeth found Luke on a chain gang in the south and brought him back to Port Charles.

Luke was devastated because of Laura's condition and blamed himself. He went on a self-destructive bend. Scott ordered him to a therapist.

Greg Vaughan (February 20, 2003 to October 2009)

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Lucky Changes Careers

Lucky believed Stefan had killed Summer and pressured Mac to bring him to justice. Mac suggested that instead of ordering him around, Lucky should become a police officer and do his own detective work. So Lucky did.

He went into cahoots with Lydia Karenin, Nikolas' new wife, to tape Stefan. Stefan said that he hired a man named Darius to kill Emily, but Darius killed Summer instead. Lucky used the tape to arrest Stefan, but Stefan ultimately was released.

When Luke returned and found out Lucky was a cop, he hit the ceiling. He then kidnapped Stefan. Lucky had to arrest his own father after Luke and Stefan fought, and Stefan was knifed. His father escaped from jail, but Lucky found him at Skye's house.

Skye knocked out Lucky to protect Luke. The charges against Luke were dropped when Nikolas discovered a suicide note left behind by Stefan.

Luke's and Lucky's former closeness, alas, had disappeared.

Lucky found himself not well suited to police work; due to his upbringing, he kept siding with the bad guys.

When Nikolas was arrested for the murder of Cody McCall, Lucky worked to find the real killer - he knew that Ric Lansing had a hidden agenda and wanted Nikolas convicted. It turned out that Zander Smith was behind the frame.

After Nikolas was cleared of the charges, Lucky helped to hunt for Zander, who had killed Detective Beck during a shootout. Zander was also baby Cameron's biological father.

Lucky Helps Cover Up Zander Smith's Death

The Quartermaines and Cassadines had a big auction for treasures from a sunken ship that they both claimed. Lucky did security for the event; unfortunately, the treasure was stolen. Lucky was questioning the patrons when he learned of a fire in the basement.

He worked rescue, and while searching for an exit with Luke, a beam fell and nearly killed him. Cameron Lewis, Luke's therapist, pushed Lucky out of the way and died.

Nearly everyone was evacuated, but some people, including Nikolas, were missing. Lucky and Emily feared the worst, but Nikolas showed up alive a few days later.

A body was found where the fire started and identified as Zander. The autopsy showed that he was dead before the fire. Elizabeth confessed that during a confrontation with him, she knocked him out. Lucky, Emily, Nikolas, and Ric covered up Elizabeth's involvement.

Then it was discovered that Zander was alive. He took Emily hostage - he still loved her and wanted to start again. Thanks to Lucky's negotiation, he agreed to release Emily.

It was a suicide mission for him - he came outside and looked as if he was going for a gun.

Hearing about Emily while driving, Nikolas lost control of his car, and it veered off the road. Lucky and Emily searched for him, but it appeared that he had drowned in the river right next to the road. At Nikolas' memorial service, Helena appeared and laid on one of her famous curses.

Lucky and Elizabeth: Another Attempt at Love

Lucky and Elizabeth found one another again in 2005 and resumed their romance, though they would break up over Elizabeth agreeing to act as surrogate for Courtney and Jax. She miscarried due to a car accident, and Lucky was there for her. They tried again as husband and wife.

In 2006, major problems ensued. Elizabeth was kidnapped by Manny Ruiz and rescued by Jason. Lucky became addicted to painkillers and and had an affair with Maxie Jones, who was supplying him with drugs.

When Elizabeth found out, she turned to Jason. The result was baby Jake, born in May 2007, whom Lucky believed was his. He went to rehab, and the couple divorced. Once out of rehab, though, Elizabeth and Lucky remarried. In order to keep Jake safe, Elizabeth did not reveal the child's paternity to anyone.

2007 wasn't much better for the couple. Jake was kidnapped, and again, Elizabeth turned to Jason. Lucky retaliated by having an affair with Sam McCall. Elizabeth and Lucky divorced again.

Jason confessed to Lucky that Jake was his, and Lucky agreed to keep it quiet to protect the little boy. Jason and Elizabeth became engaged after Emily Quartermaine's death, though Jason would call this off because of the danger involved for Elizabeth and the children. Elizabeth was determined to stay in his life, but it wasn't to be.

The Biotoxin

Elizabeth was poisoned while assisting in surgery during the "bio ball" crisis at General Hospital in early 2009. Lucky promised to take care of Cameron and Jake if she did not survive.

The two seemed close to reconciling, but once Elizabeth was well, they discussed their feelings. They decided to remain just friends..

Will the Third Time Prove the Charm for Lucky and Elizabeth?

Rebecca Shaw found herself attracted to Lucky, which made Nikolas jealous.When Lucky started to date Rebecca Shaw, it bothered both Nikolas and Elizabeth. Nikolas, trying to make Lucky jealous, kissed Elizabeth in front of them.

Their kiss turned into the beginning of an unrealized attraction.

This was made more difficult by Lucky's desire to get back together with Elizabeth - a reversal of their former decision.

When Jake was injured during the Carnival, Lucky proposed to Elizabeth. She by this point realized that she loved Lucky, but their romance was over. Now she was attracted to Nikolas. But for the sake of her children, and because she did not want to hurt her ex-husband, she agreed to marry him again. However, she was unable to stay away from Nikolas.

Luke warned his son not to remarry, and Lucky realized why when he heard Nikolas declare his love for Elizabeth. He assumed Elizabeth did not feel the same way until he spied on her and discovered that she and his half-brother were sleeping together.

Devastated, he turned to alcohol and angrily broadcast her unfaithfulness to the hospital staff. He found Elizabeth at the church where they had exchanged their vows as teenagers. She was in a state of collapse. Bringing her to General Hospital, he learned that she was pregnant. 

Lucky stopped drinking in a hurry. Elizabeth was not sure which brother was the father of her child until a paternity test declared it was Nikolas. Two paternity tests were run in case Helena interfered.

Maxie was there to help Lucky during the time of the paternity reveal. Elizabeth stopped seeing Nikolas. Throughout the pregnancy, Elizabeth wished Lucky was the baby's father and tried to make it up to him.

She delivered a baby boy, named Aiden.  When the artist Franco kidnapped the baby from the hospital, Lucky rescued him.

He truly bonded with the child.

Lucky was restless and desired change, so he went undercover working for a European mobster named the Balkan, posing as a man named Ronan O'Reilly.  In Ireland, he met a woman named Siobhan McKenna.

She did not believe Lucky was Ronan. She overheard him talking on the phone to Lulu and Dante and realized she was right. He was concerned that Siobhan would ruin his cover.  

Lucky was accused of killing two of the Balkan's men, and "Ronan" was sent to an Irish prison. Luke suggested that he seduce Siobhan to keep her from revealing his identity. Lucky did so, bringing Siobhan with him to Port Charles. 

Once in Port Charles, Lucky teamed with Jason, as they were both after the Balkan. The Balkan was after Brenda Barrett because she had killed his son.  

The Balkan found out that Ronan was Lucky, and had Siobhan kidnapped. Lucky realized that his feelings for her were real. Jason did not buy Siobhan's story of her kidnapping. He questioned Lucky about her involvement in locating the Balkan.

Noticing that Siobhan was receiving strange phone calls, he set a trap for her. When she walked into it, Lucky knew that she worked for the Balkan and confronted her.

When Siobhan explained she had been forced to work for the Balkan after her sister was kidnapped, She claimed she did really care for Lucky. He decided to trust her. They returned to Ireland to rescue her sister and ended up in a trap.

They were able to escape. Lucky convinced Siobhan to go back to the United States with him. Unfortunately, there she faced immigration problems. Lucky wanted to marry her so that she could stay in the country. The vows were interrupted when Elizabeth called Lucky to tell him that Jake had been hit by a car and his condition was serious.  

Jake died.  His kidneys saved the life of Josslyn Jacks.  Luke was the driver of the car that killed the little boy. Lucky had a confrontation with his father about his drinking. He thought his father would have seen Jake and avoided him had he been sober.  

Luke disagreed, and worse, kept drinking.  Ethan and Lucky went as far as conducting an intervention, but it was no use. Their father would not acknowledge a drinking problem. 

Luke did check into rehab, though not for long. Siobhan and Lucky married. They learned that Luke was gone and found him in Florida, at the brothel where he had grown up.

Luke did not want anything to do with Lucky, who retaliated by setting fire to the Spencer house. Siobhan rushed in to rescue her husband.  Dante and Lucky pulled her out. 

Siobhan had successful surgery. While she was still hospitalized, Lucky went to the Haunted Star and poured a drink. Elizabeth stopped him from imbibing, telling him that he was Aidan's father.  She had asked for another paternity test because to her, the child resembled him more and more strongly.

***** When Siobhan woke up from her surgery, Lucky broke the news he had a son. Siobhan admitted to Lucky that she already knew he was Aiden's father. Siobhan had seen the paternity test results at Elizabeth's house but had not shared Elizabeth's secret.

Although Siobhan made a full recovery after her surgery, it was revealed that Elizabeth had given her the wrong medication in the operating room. Siobhan filed a lawsuit against Elizabeth and informed Lucky that his ex-wife had tried to kill her. Lucky defended Elizabeth and explained that Jake's death had distracted her. He convinced Siobhan to drop the lawsuit but he was not able to convince her that Elizabeth was not trying to break apart their marriage.

Lucky's marriage remained strained as he spent more time at Elizabeth's home getting to know Aiden. He also took on a new case at work which involved an investigation into the hospital's missing prescription drugs. Siobhan begged Lucky not to take the case because she believed the close proximity to the drugs would threaten Lucky's sobriety. He viewed Siobhan's concern as a lack of trust in him. Lucky ignored Siobhan's wishes and accepted the case. He asked Elizabeth to aid him with his investigation.

Lucky remained sober until a drug dealer injected him with drugs that caused him to hallucinate. While under the influence of the drugs, Lucky relived his times with Elizabeth, including the vows they said years ago in the abandoned church. He made his way to the church and Elizabeth found him and cared for him.

After Lucky recovered, Elizabeth gave him the news that Siobhan had been hospitalized and required surgery. She explained that she and Siobhan had argued and Siobhan had fallen down a flight of stairs. Elizabeth had convinced Siobhan to visit the hospital as a precaution. As they drove, Siobhan passed out and Elizabeth took her eyes off the road. They were involved an accident and Siobhan was thrown from the car. Lucky played a voicemail Siobhan had left him in which she told Lucky she had a lead on his drug investigation and that she loved him. Lucky raced to the hospital and visited his unconscious wife. He left to investigate a lead on his case and was not present when Siobhan briefly regained consciousness. She died shortly after.

The circumstances surrounding Siobhan's death were suspicious and an autopsy was ordered. It revealed she had not died of natural causes. Lucky found a pillow in Siobhan's hospital room that had the start of a message written on it. The police believed someone had murdered Siobhan to keep her from revealing what she knew about the drug ring. Lucky vowed to bring Siobhan's killer to justice and he turned to pills to deal with the pain of losing his wife so soon after losing Jake. His pain and guilt were enhanced when Siobhan's sister arrived to claim the body and blamed Lucky for Siobhan's death.

Although Lucky wanted to be a part of the investigation into the drug ring, his addiction forced him to make a different choice. He turned in his badge and took a leave of absence from the police department. Lucky intended to use the time to grieve for his wife and for Jake and to regain control of his addiction. He went through Siobhan's things and found a letter that she had written to him. The letter instructed Lucky to head to a church in Ireland and to look for signs. He decided to follow the instructions Siobhan had left him.

Before Lucky left for Ireland, he visited his sons and informed Elizabeth that they would be no reunion between them. Elizabeth insisted they could be a family once again but Lucky did not agree. He told Elizabeth they were a dangerous addiction for one another and could never be truly happy together.

In Ireland, Lucky found the inn and the church that Siobhan had described and he received mysterious messages written in rocks and heard a voice telling him to return home. Lucky believed he was hearing Jake's voice and wondered why Jake was instructing him to go home. He remained confused until he was visited by Siobhan's ghost. She explained that Lucky needed to return home because Aiden was sick. Lucky boarded a plane for Port Charles and instructed his father to take Aiden to the hospital immediately.

When Lucky arrived at the hospital, he learned that Aiden had been in need of immediate medical attention and had received treatment that saved his life. Elizabeth was grateful Lucky had saved Aiden and again asked him to give their family and their relationship another chance. He declined again and informed Elizabeth that he would be returning to Ireland soon. Elizabeth was frustrated with Lucky's rejection and she checked herself into Shadybrook. Lucky visited her there and urged Elizabeth to return home so they could celebrate Christmas as a family.

Elizabeth and Lucky spent time with their children but Lucky continually reminded Elizabeth they were not going to be together. He made plans to return to Ireland and said goodbye to his sons. In Ireland, he returned to the church and questioned why Aiden was able to be saved but Jake was not. He spoke to someone and asked if they were going to help him restore his faith or destroy it.