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Madeliene Walker
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Madeleine Walker works as an animal communicator, horse and rider trauma consultant, and empowerment coach. She lives in the UK running clinics and workshops, but also performs distant readings for clients that live geographically too far away to physically visit. She travels extensively to work with animal species in the wild, especially cetaceans like humpback whales and dolphins. She also visits sacred sites around the world.

Passionate Communicator

Madeleine is passionate about raising awareness about the relationships between our animal friends and their human companions and the depth of love our animals have for us and how much they are misunderstood when trying to convey their messages of help.

Energy Healer

Madeleine uses her experience in energy healing, stress management and counseling to provide the best possible method of facilitating an individual’s healing process, whether it be for an animal or their owners or in fact to clear negative energies from your surroundings.


Her first book An Exchange of Love was published by O-Books in October 2008, followed by The Whale Whisperer and Your Pets' Past Lives & How They Can Heal You.

Be sure to check out the photos of Madeleine and Rajan that Madeleine allowed me to reprint in my review chapter 8 of The Whale Whisperer. Rajan is a remarkable elephant from the Andaman Islands (India).

Madeleine was given the opportunity to swim with this majestic pachyderm. This was a part of my infinity series.

Favorite Animal Communicator Nominee

Madeleine was chosen by our readers as one of the top five nominee's in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards. Her Animal Whispers Empowerment Deck was also nominated by readers rising to the top five oracle decks.

Former Ask An Animal Communicator Columnists

My relationship with Madeleine began when she served the About Holistic Healing community as an intuitive advice columnist from June 2008 through November 2010. Archived Q&A's during her tenure as the Ask An Animal Communicator Columnist are indexed here.

Prior to Madeleine responding to reader questions, Animal Communicator, Kim Meyer was the first animal communicator who served as the Ask An Animal Communicator Columnist. Kim responded to readers' questions on animal communication involving behavioral, emotional, and training issues and also vacation, moving, and life changes. Kim stepped down as the featured columnist here on March 12, 2007.

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