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In many magical traditions, workings can be done to ensure protection of home, property, and people. There are a number of simple ways you can do protection workings.

  • Make an Onion Braid protection charm to hang in your home to protect those who live there.
  • Use crystals or stones with magical properties, such as Hematite to create a barrier around your home. Put a piece of Hematite at each outside corner of the house.
  • Make a magical poppet to protect yourself or a loved on.

  • Brew up some Protection Oil, and anoint yourself with it. This will keep you safe from psychic or magical attacks.

  • Plant herbs with protective properties, such as violet, thistle, honeysuckle, or fennel around your home. When they bloom, harvest them and hang them up to dry. Use the dried herbs in protective sachets or incense.

  • Hang an iron horseshoe, open end facing down, to keep evil spirits out of your home. A horseshoe found along the side of a road was particularly powerful, and was known to provide protection against disease. In some areas, the horseshoe is displayed with the open side at the top, to contain good fortune.

  • Make a batch of Black Salt to sprinkle around your property for protection.

  • In western Scotland, it was once popular to make a small cross of rowan twigs and bind them together with red string. Hanging this in the window or over a door will keep negative influences from crossing the threshold.

  • If you're suffering from bad dreams, consider making an Herbal Dream Pillow to protect you in your sleep.

In addition to performing protection workings, it's a good idea to read up on magical self-defense and protection

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