Magoosh LSAT Prep Review

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Magoosh is an online LSAT prep program that offers students a fully customizable platform and on-demand access to different study features. Students can choose from two courses: the 1-Month Premium and the 12-Month Premium. Both courses come with a range of materials including practice questions, video lessons, video explanations, email assistance, and timed practice tests. The courses are also very affordable, with the 1 Month Premium costing $279 and the 12 Month Premium priced at $299. We tested Magoosh’s program to see how easy, accessible, and effective their platform and materials are. Read on to see our full findings.

The Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Affordable price
Free trial
On-demand access
Hundreds of hours of video lessons and explanations
Higher score guarantee
Limited study resources
No Tutoring 

What’s Included 

Magoosh’s LSAT course platform gives students on-demand access to hundreds of hours of video lessons and explanations, as well as practice questions that can be viewed on any device. 

Video Lessons and Explanations

Expert instructors provide over 90 video lessons on Logical Reasoning, Logic Games and Reading Comprehension. These lessons aim to teach students the basics of the LSAT that they can then use to improve their scores. There are also over 800 video explanations for LSAT test questions and sections. Students can also use these videos to gain a foundational knowledge of the LSAT and learn new strategies for areas that might be a struggle. These videos are easy to view on laptops, tablets, or phones.

Practice Questions

Over 7,000 official practice questions are available. The questions come from LSAT PrepTests 72 and 77-80. However, Magoosh’s instructors have also created their own practice questions that are intended to closely match LSAT test types and difficulty. In combination with video lessons and explanations, practice questions let students reinforce concepts and strategies. These practice questions can be easily accessed from any device and give students the opportunity to study on the go. 


Free Resources

Magoosh also has several different free resources that include study schedules ranging from one week to three months, a flashcard app, and an LSAT prep app. The study schedules help students plan out their time effectively week by week, giving them a guideline for where they should be at in terms of progress. The schedules also outline different lessons and provide tips for what areas should be the students' main points of focus.

For extra materials, the flashcard app is available. It contains 190 of the most important LSAT concepts, like If-Then Statements, Logical Opposites and Transitional Language. The app also tracks progress so that students can see which areas they need to focus on the most. 

On-Demand Access

All of the material on Magoosh can be accessed from a computer (Mac or PC), tablet, or smartphone (iPhone or Android). This allows students to study whenever and wherever they want. For students with a busy schedule, this is especially important. A mobile app is available as well, providing easier on-the-go learning and giving students the opportunity to fit studying into their daily schedule.

E-mail Assistance

For students that need some extra help or feel stuck in a specific area, e-mail assistance is available. Replies are from Magoosh’s instructors and take about one to two days. There are limitations to how much Magoosh can help, of course, but this service is useful for when students have a quick question or need a better explanation for something than initially offered. Questions can also be about testing strategies and law school applications in general.

Score Improvement Guarantee

Both programs come with a 5+ Total Score Guarantee. If students don’t score at least five points higher than their previous test, Magoosh will provide a 100 percent refund. To be eligible for this guarantee, students must have taken the LSAT before enrolling in a Magoosh Premium Program, and their score must be less than five years old. Students are also required to e-mail Magoosh a picture of their score report.

Free Trial

For those who are unsure about Magoosh’s program, it offers a seven-day free trial. This provides access to 16 LSAT lessons with all the study features of the premium program. Students can test out the resources to get a feel for the program and make sure it’s what they’re looking for. Magoosh also has a refund policy. For those who sign up for the premium program and are not happy with it, Magoosh will give a full refund within seven days.

Magoosh LSAT Prep Strengths

Magoosh’s strength is its flexibility. Students can easily customize studying to their needs, and its affordable price makes it available to students on a budget.

On-Demand Access

Because Magoosh is completely online, students can customize their study plan to fit their needs. Students with a busy schedule can choose when and where they want to study, giving them more opportunity to go through all the material. It also gives them the option to go back and review areas they are struggling with. Students can learn at their own pace and make sure they understand each section before moving on. Unlike classroom learning, video lessons can be paused, rewound, and slowed down to fit students’ needs.


Magoosh is also very affordable compared to other prep programs. For students on a budget, this is very convenient. Although it may not come with as many features or as much material as other programs, there is enough to help self-motivated students seeking the basics to prepare for the exam. Additionally, Magoosh also offers a free trial and a seven-day money-back guarantee so students can test out the resources and lessons to see if it’s the right fit.


Intuitive Platform

All of the study materials, as well as the platform itself, are simple and straightforward. Magoosh’s no-frills program is one of the reasons it can keep prices so low, since students are given just enough resources to get an overview of the actual LSAT exam. Basic video lessons and explanations, practice questions, and free resources like LSAT study plans and flashcards, provide a foundation that can be built upon by using other materials that cover the dozens of released LSAT exams from LSAC. 

Magoosh LSAT Prep Weaknesses

Magoosh’s affordability means that it has limited study resources. Its features are barebones and don’t include digital practice tests, live classes, tutoring, or other learning tools that many prep programs have.

No Tutoring

Tutoring is not available either in-person or online. While it's not a necessity, tutoring does support students who need a little extra help understanding a specific section or question. With tutoring, students have the opportunity to talk in-depth with experts who have already taken the LSAT and know what to expect. The only related option available is email assistance which can take at least one to two days for a reply and is limited when it comes to in-depth explanations.



Magoosh is one of the cheapest prep programs available, mainly due to its fully online platform. However, its low price also means less material is available. 

Magoosh 1 Month Premium 

Price: $279

Includes: 7000+ official LSAT practice questions, timed practice tests, 90+ video lessons, 800+ video explanations, 200+ additional Logic Game explanations, e-mail assistance, one month of access, 5+ Total Score Guarantee


Magoosh 12 Month Premium

Price: $299

Includes: 7000+ official LSAT practice questions, timed practice tests, 90+ video lessons, 200+ additional Logic Game explanations, 550+ additional practice questions, e-mail assistance, 12 months of access, 5+ Total Score Guarantee

Magoosh vs. Velocity

Like Magoosh, Velocity is also a completely online prep program. It offers access to HD theory and explanation videos, PrepTest explanations, and custom study plans. There is also a variety of free resources like a student forum, a progress tracker and prep tips. Unlike Magoosh, Velocity also has live office hours every week, internal messaging, video discussions, and video feedback. All of this comes with a slightly higher price (ranging from $229 - $949) and access for eight months. Velocity also has a higher score guarantee. If students don’t improve their scores by 10 points or they don’t score in the 99th percentile (depending on their starting point), they’ll refund the whole course fee.

Final Verdict

Magoosh’s complete online platform with on-demand video lessons, practice questions, and video explanations give students simple but comprehensive resources to study for the LSAT. It’s a program best suited for students on a budget and students with busy schedules. Because it is fully self-study with limited outside help, it’s also more suited for self-motivated students that can study on their own and already have an existing knowledge of the LSAT. For students new to the LSAT, it would be best used in combination with external study resources.

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