Main Idea Worksheet 3 Answer Key

Stop! If you've come across this page and haven't completed the Main Idea Worksheet 3 then head there and come back to see the answers! This page will not make much sense otherwise. Of course, understanding how to find the main idea of a passage is pretty important, too, so if you're unsure where to begin, then do a little research and head on back.

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Paragraph 1: The Environment

The correct answer is C. Choice A is too opinionated. The paragraph does not give a call to action in any way. Choice B is too narrow, as it fails to mention the negative impacts that cleaning up the environment can have. Choice D is off topic, although it's tricky because it uses verbiage from the paragraph. The paragraph does not give a lesson in cleaning up the environment. Choice C is correct because it encompasses the gist of the entire paragraph without being too narrow or too broad.

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Paragraph 2: Asperger's Syndrome

The correct answer is A. Although Asperger's is a disorder that affects many aspects of a child's life, this paragraph only deals with the social interactions, which gets rid of Choice B. Choice B is too broad. Choice C is inaccurate because it only talks about one aspect of social interactions, making it too narrow. Choice D is incorrect because it is inaccurate, according to the paragraph – children with Asperger's are often equally friendly or equally reserved to new acquaintances and old friends.

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Paragraph 3: North Point School District

The correct answer is D. Choice A is too broad when compared to Choice D. Major changes talked about in Choice A could be negative, whereas all of the changes mentioned in the paragraph are really upgrades. Choice D makes that distinction. Choice B is too narrow; it only mentions two of the upgrades. Choice C is inaccurate.

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Paragraph 4: Students with Special Needs

The correct answer is B. Although Choice A is a good choice and would be acceptable if no other options were available, Choice B is slightly more specific, indicating the teacher's role in the process, which is mentioned at the end of the paragraph. Choice C is too broad; no other type of student is mentioned in the paragraph. Choice D is inaccurate, because the paragraph never indicates that students with special needs are the only students receiving any type of service.

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Paragraph 5: Legends

The correct answer is B. Choice A is too narrow. It only addresses King Arthur's legend, not all legends, which are discussed in the first few sentences. Choice C is too broad. It doesn't mention King Arthur at all, the subject of the last half of the paragraph. Choice D is inaccurate because it supposes that the legend of King Arthur is false, a statement not made in the paragraph.

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