Main Idea Worksheet 1 Answers

If you have read the following two articles --

--- then, by all means, read the answers below. These answers are affiliated with both the articles and won't make much sense by themselves.

Main Idea Answer 1: Shakespeare

Main Idea: Although most Renaissance writers propagated the belief that women were not equal with men, Shakespeare's writings portrayed women as men's equals.

Main Idea Answer 2: Immigrants

Main Idea: Despite America's tenet that every person is free to experience the American dream, that belief isn't always true, especially for immigrants.

Main Idea Answer 3: Innocence and Experience

Main Idea: Innocence has always battled with experience.

Main Idea Answer 4: Nature

Main Idea: Although nature inspires artists of all kinds, poets are the best at expressing the beauty of nature and among them, Wordsworth is one of the best.

Main Idea Answer 5: Right To Life

Main Idea:The Right to Life group is dedicated to all human life.

Main Idea Answer 6: Social Movements

Main Idea: Social movements can disrupt society's peace, but only momentarily.

Main Idea Answer 7: Hawthorne

Main Idea: Nathaniel Hawthorne used many different types of writing well to convey ideas.

Main Idea Answer 8: Digital Divide

Main Idea: The digital divide is not an easily solved economic issue, as it may seem at first, but rather a social issue and one that is merely a glimpse into the bigger picture of social inequality.

Main Idea Answer 9: Internet Regulation

Main IdeaElected governmental officials should regulate the Internet, acting on the will of the people.

Main Idea Answer 10: Classroom Technology

Main Idea: Groups such as The Alliance for Childhood argue that technology has no place in the modern classroom.