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A Maisy First Experiences Book

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Maisy Goes to Preschool features the enormously popular mouse that many young children already know from the many other Maisy books by Lucy Cousins and/or from DVDs of Maisy animated cartoons. Maisy Mouse has a mouse's ears, nose and tail but she also has human hands and feet and is like a three year old child. With colorful artwork and appealing characters, Maisy Goes to Preschool provides a cheerful overview of Maisy's day at preschool.

This is an excellent book for children ages 2-5 who are starting school and are eager to know what to expect. Happily, they will also learn how to behave at preschool as they enjoy Maisy Goes to Preschool.

Maisy at Preschool - The Story

Maisy Goes to Preschool is about Maisy's happy day at preschool, from the moment she walks into the school to the end of the school day. With lots of bright primary and secondary colors and artwork that is childlike in its simplicity, Lucy Cousins' Illustrations create an upbeat mood that mirrors the positive tone of the text.

One of the things I particularly like about Maisy Goes to Preschool is the detailed, but brief accounts of everything that goes on during the day, beginning with Maisy hanging her coat on the hook with her name above it. After her teacher Mr. Peacock greets the children, their first activity is painting at easels, which they all enjoy.

Then, he puts all the paintings on the wall and the preschoolers discuss their paintings. While I love their paintings of flowers, fish, and a house, based on my six years of teaching preschool, I'd say they look like the work of older children rather than preschoolers. However, that's my only complaint.

Next comes snack time, then bathroom time, followed by story time and quiet time. After nap time comes noisy time as Maisy and her friends play the guitar, drums, horn and join together in a sing-along. Then, it's outdoor play time. Everyone has great fun on the playground and afterwards, it is time to go home. It's been a very good day at preschool for Maisy and her friends.

What's A Maisy First Experiences Book?

Lucy Cousins has written more than a dozen books that come under the category "A Maisy First Experiences Book." All are for children ages 2-5. As her publisher states in the Maisy Book Guide, First Experiences picture books "introduce readers to new experiences in a straightforward, friendly way." Based on the ones I've read, I'd add "with a positive emphasis."

Some of the other First Experiences books include: Maisy Goes Camping, Maisy Goes on Vacation, Masiy Goes to the City, Maisy Goes to the Hospital, Maisy Goes to the Library, Maisy Goes to the Museum and Maisy Learns to Swim. They all feature Maisy and her animal firends. Parents are not a part of the Maisy books.

Author and Illustrator Lucy Cousins

British author and illustrator Lucy Cousins was born on February 10, 1964.

  Both of her parents were artists with studios at home. Cousins studied at the Royal College of Art in London. Other books by Lucy Cousins include Jazzy in the Jungle, Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tale (on the ALA Notable Children's Book List), I'm the Best, Hooray for Fish! and Za-Za's Baby Brother. While she has written numerous children's books, Cousins is most well-known for her many Maisy books, which she has been writing and illustrating for about 25 years.

In a Publishers Weekly Q&A, Lucy Cousins said, in reference to Maisy, "When I drew this mouse, I knew who she was. I wanted her to be very cheerful, very positive. She doesn’t get worried about things. I want small children to feel good and enjoy the story." (Source: Publishers Weekly Q&A, 9/27/12) Because she accomplishes just that, Cousins' Maisy stories have become enormously popular with young children.

If your child becomes a big Maisy fan, you won't have to worry about running out of Maisy books because Lucy Cousins has written and illustrated more than 50 of them!

(Other Sources: My Friend Maisy, Maisy's Fun Club)

My Recommendation

I think Maisy Goes to Preschool is an excellent book for children starting preschool as well as for children who already attend preschool. The former will get a positive idea of preschool and what to expect while the latter will have fun comparing their preschools with Maisy's preschool. I recommend Maisy Goes to Preschool for two to five year olds.

Throughout the book, Lucy Cousins' characters model good preschool behavior, from playing well together and using good manners to following the teacher's directions. This helps young children know not only what goes on in preschool but how to behave. Best of all, Lucy Cousins accomplishes this not with a series of directives but with a simple story about a happy day at preschool.

(Candlewick Press, Hardcover ISBN: 9780763642549, Paperback ISBN: 9780763650865)

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