List of Major and Minor Prophets of the Old Testament

Where to Locate References in Ancient and Modern Scripture

Elijah by Edward Jakob von Steinle
Elijah by Edward Jakob von Steinle 1810-1886/Austrian. SuperStock / SuperStock / Getty Images

This list details all the major and minor Old Testament prophets, though not necessarily in perfect chronological order. Some prophets overlap, lived in different areas, or the chronology cannot be estimated with any accuracy. The list is roughly chronological.

Just because someone was mentioned in scripture, it does not mean they were a prophet, per se. Mormons have distinctive beliefs on what a prophet is.

Scripture is sometimes definitive about who was a prophet. However, in many cases, we cannot say with any certainty that someone was not. They may or may not have been.

Prophet:Scripture References:Notes:
AdamGenesis 2-5, D&C 107, Moses 
SethGenesis 4-5, D&C 107:42-43Remarkably like his father
EnosGenesis 5:6-11, D&C 107:44, Moses 6:13-18Also called Enosh
CainenGenesis 5:9-14 
MahalaleelGenesis 5:12-17, D&C 107: 46,53Moses 6:19-20Also called Maleleel
JaredGenesis 5:15-20 
EnochGenesis 5:18-24, Hebrews 11:5, D&C 107:48-57, Moses 6See pseudepigrapha
MethuselahGenesis 5:21-27, D&C 107:50,52-53Moses 8:2-7Also called Mathusala
LamechGenesis 4:18-24, Genesis 5:25-31, D&C 107:51, Moses 8:5-11Father of Tubal-cain
NoahGenesis 5-9,1 Peter 3:20Moses 7-9Also called Noe
ShemGenesis 10:21-31, Genesis 11:10-11, D&C 138:41Father of Semitic races
MelchizedekGenesis 14:18-20 (JST), Hebrews 7:1-3 (JST), Alma 13:14-19, D&C 107:1-4He and Shem may have been the same person. Also called Melchisedec
AbrahamGenesis 11-25Jacob 4:5, Alma 13:15, Helamanl 8:16–17, D&C 84:14, 33–34, D&C 132:29, Book of AbrahamHeavenly Father blesses all his posterity: biological and adopted.
IsaacGenesis 15:1–617:15–19, 18:9–15, 21- 28D&C 132:37The only covenant child of Abraham.
JacobGenesis 25-50, D&C 132:37God renamed him Israel.
JosephGenesis 37-50, Joshua 24:32, 2 Nephi 3:4-22, Alma 46:23-27Sold into Egypt.
EphraimGenesis 41:52, 46:20, 48:19-20, Jeremiah 31:8Jacob placed him above his twin brother.
Elias or EsaiasD&C 84:11-13, D&C 110:12Elias is also a generic term in scripture.
Gad1 Samuel 22:5, 2 Samuel 24:11–19, 1 Chronicles 21:9–19, 1 Chronicles 29:29, 2 Chronicles 29:25Was also a seer.
JeremyD&C 84:9-10Not the same as Jeremiah
ElihuD&C 84:8-9Lived sometime between Abraham and Moses.
MosesBooks of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and DeuteronomyMatthew 17:3–4Mark 9:4–9, Luke 9:30, 1 Nephi 5:11Alma 45:19D&C 63:21, D&C 84:20-26D&C 110:11, Book of MosesRead this stirring, scriptural, tribute.

Exodus 17:13–14, 24:1332:1733:11, Numbers 13:8, 14:26–31, 27:18–1934:17, Deuteronomy 1:383:2831:3, 23, 34:9, Book of Joshua

Born in Egypt. Moses' successor.
BalaamNumbers 22-24His ass was able to talk to him and save his life.
Samuel1 SamuelHe was also a seer.
Nathan2 Samuel 7, 2 Samuel 12, 1 Kings. 1:38–39, 45, 1 Chronicles 17:1–15, 2 Chronicles 9:29, 29:25D&C 132:39Contemporary of King David.
Gad1 Samuel 22:5, 2 Samuel 24:11–191 Chronicles 21:9–19, 1 Chronicles 29:29, 2 Chr. 29:25Was also a seer. Friend and advisor to King David
Ahijah1 Kings 11:29–3912:15, 14:1–1815:29, 2 Chronicles 9:29Was a Shilonite.
Jahaziel2 Chronicles 20:14 
Elijah1 Kings. 17–222 Kings. 1–22 Chronicles 21:12–15, Malachi 4:5, Matthew 17:3, D&C 110: 13-16Known as Elijah the Tishbite.

1 Kings 19:16–21, 2 Kings 2-6

Saw Elijah taken up into heaven.
JobBook of Job, Ezekiel 14:14, James 5:11, D&C 121:10Suffered tremendous affliction.
JoelBook of Joel, Acts 2:16-21, Joseph Smith-History 1: 41Moroni quoted Joel's prophecy to Joseph Smith.
Jonah2 Kings 14:25, Book of Jonah, Matthew 12:39-40, Matthew 16:4, Luke 11:29-30Swallowed by a great fish.
AmosBook of AmosKnown for his reference to prophets.
Hosea or HosheaBook of HoseaIllustrated Israel's infidelity.
IsaiahBook of Isaiah,  Luke 4:16–21, John 1:23, Acts 8:26–351 Corinthians 2:915:54–56 2 Nephi 12-24, 3 Nephi 23:1-3, 2 Nephi 27Joseph Smith-History 1:40The most quoted prophet.
Oded2 Chronicles 15:1, 15:8, 28:9 
MicahBook of Micah 
NahumBook of Nahum, Luke 3:25Prophesied against Nineveh
Zephaniah2 Kings 25:18, Jeremiah 29:25,29;  Book of Zephaniah 
JeremiahBook of Jeremiah, Book of Lamentations, 1 Nephi 5:10-13, 1 Nephi 7:14, Helaman 8:20Contemporary of Lehi, Ezekiel, Hosea, and Daniel.
HabakkukBook of Habakkuk 
Obadiah1 Kings 18, Book of Obadiah 
EzekialBook of Ezekiel, D&C 29:21Captive of Nebuchadnezzar
DanielBook of DanielSurvived the lions' den.
ZechariahEzra 5:1, Ezra 6:14, Book of ZechariahRemembered for his prophecies of the Messiah.
HaggaiEzra 5:1Ezra 6:14Book of Haggai 
EzraBook of Ezra, Nehemiah 8,12Brought exiles back to Jerusalem.
NehemiahEzra 2:2Book of NehemiahRebuilt city walls.
MalachiBook of Malachi, Matthew 11:10,  3 Nephi 24D&C 2, D&C 128:17 Joseph Smith-History 1:37-39 Quoted by Moroni.

Lost Prophets and Their Records

We have some idea of prophets who are lost to history. Scripture mentions them, but their records are not found in the Old Testament.

Prophet:Scripture References:Notes:
EnochJude 1:14He and his city were translated.
EziasHelaman 8:20 
IddoZechariah 1:1,  Zechariah 1:7,2 Chronicles 13:22Was also a seer.
Jehu2 Chronicles 20:34Was the son of Hanani.
Nathan2 Chronicles 9:29 
Neum1 Nephi 19:10 

1 Kings 12:22, 1 Chronicles 3:22, 2 Chronicles 11:2, 2 Chronicles 12:5, 7, 2 Chronicles 12:15, Nehemiah 3:29

Zenock1 Nephi 19:10, Helaman 8:20 
Zenos1 Nephi 19:10Jacob 5:1